Throwing temper tantrums is not being political. Ignoring reality is not being brave. Following old rules is not being prudent. Why the future of journalism is still dead.

Journalists were a desperate breed that turned into an extinct species. They are trying to spin their demise in any way they can, and while the have decided to blame Trump, Russia, and Social Media for their own self-destruction, they are trying to scheme and find a way to deny their death. Everything so far hasn't stuck.

Now, they are hoping a new generation will somehow resurrect them.

Memo to university students: fake news was in newsrooms first. It paved the way for other kinds of fake news, and the profession was as blind to reality as you are. The profession still doesn't see its own hand in its death, and is lamenting something that caused destruction in its wake. J-schools are not the place that will teach anything else but the same toxic mindset that professionally killed the previous generation of reporters.

You are doing the same thing, but expecting a different outcome. Worse, you are using their old playbook to willingly do the same thing without adding anything new.

We have a young generation of play-it-safe slacktivists with some serious logical fallacies and bad acting skills that are setting them up for a battering. When you grow up with Apps For That and A Self-Righteous Narrative For Everything to go along with that I Am More Special And Enlightened Than You, the mindset  is created (not their own fault) that prevents innovation, and then the qualities required to bring in a new form of journalism will be very hard to come by.

The current Gun Control debate is very depressing and disappointing to me. Nothing new is being created by young minds that seem indoctrinated by the very same structure created by generations before them. Tattoos do not wire your brain differently. A new generation should see what failed in the past and then do something different. Do not follow the Establishment's script, and then strut around as if you are original.

And with the griping about guns being the Bad Guys, that is exactly what we are seeing. Historically illiterate youth treating the rest of society as their servants, demanding that the rest of the world change for them.


The world is not your mom and dad who said the same things when they were your age.

The most troubling part of it all is that you have a generation numb to facts, but a little too eager to latch on to a narrative that does not actually align with reality, and then try to use sophistry and idea-shaming to prop it up.

Gun control is not going to do a thing because the problem is that you have violent youth. That's right: you have teenagers who seek to kill as many people as they can. As many before me have pointed out, we do not blame cars for drunk drivers who kill, and we certainly do not blame bombs when a terrorists strikes -- so what's up with blaming guns when it is the homicidal aggressors who are the ones who caused the problem in the first place?

If you get rid of every gun in the world, you will have the same number of people dying. With 3D printers, you can make your own gun. You have people who can make their own weapon without a 3D printer.

You have people in maximum security prisons who were caught with their own functional hand-made gun using a broken toothbrush, elastic, and a couple of other easy to obtain everyday object to make it.

If you are going to take up a cause, do research first -- and that means the kind of research that refutes your initial hypothesis.

If the answer was simple, it would have been done already.

You have a generation who have unfettered access to the Internet, and yet their arguments are more flawed than the previous generation's.

That's what is troubling, and should trouble anyone who believes in progress.

Why are we having marches and protests in 2018, for instance? The Occupy Movement brought no progressive change whatsoever.

Protests rarely do a thing. It is venting and a temper tantrum, and as someone who has been to more than my fair share of them -- sometimes marching every single day for weeks, not a single change ever came from marching in the streets.

And you cannot learn from the past? Do you honestly think you are that special?

It is a sign of being asleep at the wheel. I realized it one day, and then I decided to take a more active tract that took years, with far better results than a protest.

Protests happen because there was a breakdown and the side affected wasn't paying attention when it counted. Laws get passed, and then people think of marching in the streets.

You would think a new generation would have seen it, and got their wheels turning, but no.

It is the 60s all over again. That is regression, not progression.

Changes semi-happened when people got off their duffs and ran for office or lobbied politicians for change.

And even that went only so far.

You would think a new generation would have seen the ineffectiveness of the current political system, and its structure, would have come up with something else. 

But not a chance.

It is as bizarre of phenomenon as it is fascinating -- and disturbing.

For a Selfie Generation, there is no introspection or self-awareness. There is plenty of self-serving outrage and narcissism, but no substance, no innovation, and despite the hoopla, nothing to show for it, either.

You have a generation gunning itself down...and yet want the adults and government to clean up their messes in such a way that they do not have to confront their demons.

Why are you kids killing each other? Why are you slut-shaming and name-calling your own generation until they kill themselves?

Why haven't you come up with anything new? Why aren't you rebelling from both the Left and the Right? Why are you acting like royalty barking orders at your elder servants? What have you produced besides unimaginative YouTube stunts?

You have youth. You have resources. You have the most access to tools than any generation in the history of humanity...and you are throwing fits on Twitter?

You have no excuse for that garbage. Zero.

And you have already blown it.

What's wrong with you?

You have a generation with the same destructive mindset that killed journalism.

If you want change, you have to change first. 

And that means not pretending you are the victim, and not being the Fairy Princess who is without flaw, and yet is always getting in a scrape needing rescuing by someone else who does all the grunt work.

You have to come to grips with reality.

That you have domestic serial bombers who are going out of their way to prove they don't need guns to mow you down.

Or they can use a car, or have you children forgotten it already?

Perhaps you were not taught to look inwards, but others will look. You have protestors who think that no one will ever find out that they themselves have guns in their homes -- their parents, and those protesters.

Some power-hungry politicians and pandering wealthy celebrities talk about "resistance", and you are actually believing them?

Those are the people you need to resist against.

Left or Right are just two choices of infinite choices.

Make a new alternative. That is your absolute obligation to the world.

Or didn't you get the memo? Did you think all of us were put on this earth to be your indentured servants?

Not a chance.

And the dead profession of journalism is coming out to exploit you...universities taking your money that you will never see as you drown in debt, and there is no job waiting for you when you graduate.

That is your plan? To blindly go into a dead profession by following all of their rules?

When I was young, I was not like the rest of my generation. When everyone was following scripts that I saw were bringing dwindling returns, I decided to forge a new path.

All by myself. No compass. No roadmap.

And I called what I did Method Research: learning about a institution's weaknesses by forming experiments, and working in it as an experimenter.

My findings became my books.

I rejected the previous generation's decrees. I rejected my own generation's ennui and blindly following an eroding path.

And now I find myself rebelling against a new generation who are doing the exact same thing that failed my generation, only with more arrogance and ignorance.

When I was your age, I took on the world. I stood up to it, but never expected the world to bow to me, just as I refused to bow to it. I took advice from those who knew more than I did and had the experience I lacked, but I would always weave it with everything else to create something new as I turned over every rule to break it.

In other words, I practice what I preach.

I have no regrets because I stood up to tyranny as I offered my own vision of a better world, meaning I created something to give to others.


No one owes you. There isn't a Life App. There isn't a hack. There is no They or Prince Charming to save you, children. If you want a different world, shut up, stop nagging, and go make it without your helicopter parents fighting your battles for you.

Pioneering generations make new worlds from the ashes of the old. The world before you did what it needed and wanted to suit its own purposes.

If that doesn't please you, too bad. Deal with it.

It's your turn to show what you've got.

Sadly, with that turn, right off the bat, you've already decided to learn nothing from the past as if it were beneath you, making you a re-run, a re-make, a re-hash.

And we already know what happened to your ilk in the profession of journalism.

You want to confront the fake? First figure out what's real.

Not virtual. Not narrative. Not spin. Not propaganda. Not fantasy. Not hubris.

It's why I still fight every day to create something new, without making the same mistakes that sank many an unhappy and ill-fated ship before me...