Don't invade our privacy, decrees Live Out Loud Generation: Yes, kids, "Checking In" at your bathroom is profitable to the enterprising.

Social media is good at exposing the infantilization of modern Western thought. The temper tantrum that other people can make money from your bragging vanity has been a hard pill to swallow.

Facebook is getting flack. The Drudge Report is having a field day, and helpfully reminds the little people that Google is also a hotbed for privacy invasion.

Why people are upset is mystifying. Privacy has been a problem on social media, but people chose to Live Out Loud. I remember a few years ago, there was a website used to collect social media feeds of people who advertised that they were out of the house -- to draw attention that all robbers had to do was mine those sites to know where to rob an empty house. People ignored it.

This phenomenon is nothing new. The Stasi (short for Staatssicherheit) was an East German secret police force that used to recruit family members to data mine citizens. People discovered decades later that their parents, children, or even spouses were spying on them all along.

Privacy is a hypothetical construct. It is not an actual real thing. With AI coming into its own, Big Data is going to be the fuel to target people to get them to behave lockstep in a certain way.

Which will be easy. Critical thinking is not taught in schools, nor is the quality valued.

It will not be used to protect people. We have had no shortage of mass killers post their intentions online and no one acted on it.

People are up in arms over something that has been a thing for as long as social media has been around. You cannot stop it at this point. Laws will be circumvented. The convenience of apps will override common sense every time.

If you choose to Live Out Loud, you are giving away information, and people are free to do with it whatever they like. If you are an active critical thinker who doesn't scour social media to see how to think, it doesn't matter what you say online -- your data cannot be manipulated to control you.

People will need to learn how not to be defined by their data. Once you create the technology, there is no going back. Even if it is outlawed, that line in the sand will merely ensure it goes underground.

You might choose to live out loud, but for those who are enterprising, they work from the shadows, and get what they want at any cost...