No, Dame: Local news is still dead. You cannot resurrect a corpse, even if it was once a hip and snarky. Remember Spy magazine?

Journalism is dead, and it is a profession that doesn't realize they are in Hell. They are always looking for a sign that they aren't dead, buried, and damned.

Dame magazine thinks it sees hope that Patch has been brought back with some investors.

What destroyed it before will sink it again.

Because you cannot go home again, especially not a home that was made into rubble.

Let us look a superior property that had a heyday with a hip, New York style.

Spy magazine.


That is the first issue. It was a very, very good magazine that had substance to go along with the style.

And it tried its hardest. It should have succeeded. It made dents. It made fun of Donald Trump way before it was hip to do so among the little people.

And it died.

Until someone else bought the property, and then ta da!


Readers were happy at first.

But something was off. The spark was gone, and it wasn't the same.

And over time, it got worse.

Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss in that it couldn't solve what made the first magazine fold in the first place.

And now it is gone.

Journalism collapsed for a very good reason.

The fact that the new investors are relying on someone else's idea is bad sign.

And that the originators couldn't make it work is another bad sign.

Because it will have a initial lift, and then slide.

You cannot resurrect a dead profession. Local news was decimated because people do not want to bother with it. The habit is to look at the circus in the state's capital, and you do not have visionary mavericks who are going to bother with local when they all think they are ready for prime time.

The model is unworkable. There is no tinkering with it.

There is only replacing it with something fresh and uncorrupted.

But journalism still clings on to false hope because they never could tell a lie from a truth...