More blood-letting at the Chicago Tribune

The job losses are not ending, even for large dailies. But it is being spun on both sides of the newsroom.

Management chirped:

Marisa Kollias, spokeswoman for the newspaper’s parent company Tronc, said the newspaper “is reshaping its newsroom and making important steps in an ongoing effort to become more a digital enterprise.”

“Excellence in journalism remains our top priority. The newsroom is redefining jobs and structure so that people are in the best position to create and deliver news content for the rapidly changing demands of our audience,” Kollias said.

While employees chirped:

“Everyone who walks out of the newsroom with their things gets a round of applause.”

It is truly obnoxious on both sides of the equation. No one deserves applause. The "digital excuse" doesn't wash: gathering facts is not something you can actually ever streamline. And considering the mainstream middle class have been getting information digitally for over two decades, why this is still being used is an excuse is beyond me.

They are letting people go because people have abandoned their product. They abandoned that product because it wasn't working for them anymore.

But we have people in the reality-chronicling business hiding from the reality that allows blood-letting to be spun into something positive.

If journalism was functional, there would not be job losses, but job gains.

And the denials keep coming as the industry rapidly shrinks...