Memo to journalists looking for government help: The Establishment is not your friend.

Jan Kuciak was one of the few journalists who decided to be what a journalist was supposed to be: the one who exposed corruption, looking at the elites and how their shell games and corrupt ways were making them rich at the everyone else's expense. The 27 year-old Slovak was murdered for his troubles along with his fiancee, and the protests and fallout has now forced the country's Prime Minister to resign. It should be noted those under Kuciak's radar had connections to that's regime.

In Canada, Radio-Canada reporter Antoine Trepanier was doing a story on a person who was in charge of an organization, but whose past includes passing herself as a lawyer. She complained to police that she felt threatened by the reporter...and on her say-so alone, the police chose to arrest him for harassment, which I find extremely interesting at Quebec police have had a questionable history when it came to First Nations women.

In Canada, people in the industry keep begging the government for help. Why? Authorities are not your friends. You are supposed to be the thorn in their flesh day in, and day out.

It is extremely tempting to just let go and give in, but when there is complacency, institutions can destroy the lives you dare stand up to them. A strong press was supposed to be the checks and balances to prevent tyrants from doing those things to people.

But it didn't happen. Punches were pulled by the majority, endangering the minority who understood the importance of being a soldier in that intangible war, and then costing the profession the whole.