If you need any more proof that media owners are incapable of innovation...

This article should illuminate:

Meredith moves to sell Time, Fortune and Sports Illustrated titles: sources

Meredith just bought Time and Fortune and other rags for almost two billion; so why try to divest itself of them? Because of this silly logic:

The move illustrates how Meredith sees some of Time Inc’s titles that attract primarily male readership as not playing to its core strength in women’s magazines, which include Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle and Martha Stewart Living.

So instead of re-setting these publications to have hard news and business stories that would also attract over half the population, just sell them off...

Because women, to them, just do not care about real things in the world.


You have a slot, and you just shove the preset scripts into each slot.

If it doesn't fit, get rid of it. This is the binary thinking that actively helped destroy journalism.

So do not be shocked that it collapsed...