Journalism was never supposed to be about being polite and positive. It is supposed to be rude and offensive. To even you and your brat. But it is supposed to be bad manners in a good and right way.

This is the Age of Propaganda. It is an age where rich Establishment celebrities and personalities talk about being in a "resistance." Shut up. You are exploiters, not resisters. You are not living in war. You are not in concentration camps fighting for your lives. You are tantrum throwers. You are in limos and professors in university campuses making a pretty penny.

You are no resistors.

Children, this ain't any of you.


Nor this:


If we had true journalism, you would be called out for your lies.

You would have reporters exposing you, filming you when you thought no one was looking, and then showing it all to everyone that you are yelling at your maids, and stealing your ideas.

You want glamorous resistance without any of the fuss or muss. You want positive press coverage, and pointing the finger of blame to people you do not agree with politically.

How very convenient.

Journalism is not supposed to be Us versus Them. It is about Us.

It is not about being a motivational speaker. It is not about making positive role models and heroes.

It is about warning people about problems and dangers; so that those problems can be solved, and those dangers resolved.

It is about exposing rigs, obstacles, and confines. It is not about applauding mundane children singing off-key because it is their parents' financial strategy to make those brats "stars".

It is not about assigning blame. it is about facts that make people feel uncomfortable.

It must be rude and offensive -- but not to create an artificial "Them" to blame.

It is not their fault. It is our responsibility to face reality and then find truths to deal with that reality.

You have teenagers killing other teenagers in schools while police hide and not do their jobs -- and instead of teenagers wondering what is wrong with them, they are passing the buck to politicians to make guns harder to obtain, as if people never buy illegal guns.

And instead of the police being held accountable by being fired and prosecuted, they pat themselves on the back, strutting around that they are doing an amazing job.

We do not ask educators what is going on. We do not ask social workers what is going on.

We are not asking parents what is going on.

Because we do not want to make people angry that we are asking them the hard questions.

You have to offend. It is not about "shaming" or "blaming" or "judging".

It is about finding out where there are breakdowns -- and then doing something about it.

Journalism is about looking at the feral, the arrogant, the greedy, the cocky, the dishonest, and the apathetic -- like it or not.

It is not about appealing to Twitter and retreating because a few people with secrets want to deflect attention away from their own sins.

It is not about judging people on the shallow things such as race, gender, or nationality.

It is about seeing people as people, and treating them as people, not deities or devils.

What is broken? Why? How does this get fixed? 

Journalism is not about pandering to the thin-skinned narcissists who come. up with excuses and arguments.

It is about finding facts.

Journalists offended with their false narratives.

But find the facts without the narratives, and the rudeness takes a different form.

Journalists should have always taken an epistolary style with their work.

Not a narrative one.

And certainly not a patriarchal narrative.

Take away the narrative, and you destroy propaganda.

There is no spin. There is no sophistry.

There is facts.

Excuses are turned into theories to confirm -- and refute.

Bring in the empirical and the applied psychology, and the manipulative games are stopped dead in their tracks.

That is the spirit of journalism.

In an Age of Propaganda where the currency is the selfie, the best remedy is to ignore the selfies and present reality and truth.

Yes, it will offend those who always want applause, as it should.

But if a new information stream is to be created, it must offend. It must make people uncomfortable.

Because they They is removed from the equation, as is the narratives.

And a revolution in information-gathering begins...