Meta-Propaganda: How the word Weaponize is actual propaganda itself. Learning the tricks of grifters in an Internet Age.

An interesting word is now cropping up that reminds me of the dynamics of the grifter's game of Find the Lady. 62596103e4b1b7fa423cb7095705719c

And that weasel word is Weaponize.

It is referring to propaganda and "fake news", but the word weaponize, is a form of meta-propaganda.

That is, someone who is seemingly pointing out an enemy's propaganda so that you do not notice they are playing the same con on you.

It is double-speak, of course, and is a very deceptive tactic used to frighten people, and then offer them a solution.

Cults do this: they scare people, warning them about a group of people, and then the solution is to submit to the cult, allow them to dictate your thoughts as they confine your actions -- all while ensuring that you do not believe anyone who speaks against the cult because they are not to be trusted.

Perhaps that other side isn't trustworthy, but that doesn't make the cult trustworthy by default.

If you have ever been in the middle of grifter's card game, such as Find the Peanut or Find the Lady, you may know that there will usually be a confederate who warns you that the game is rigged.

You are supposed to trust this person because, in fact, they are telling you a truth.

But then they will offer to "team up" with you to have your back so that you two can beat the game.

He is a confederate of the dealer, and will make certain you lose as well. You have a false sense of feeling as if you are smarter than the dealer, and have someone you think you recruited to have your back.

And you don't.

The confederate is telling you the Internet is becoming "weaponized". You think you are being given a head's up, but it isn't that way at all. You are supposed to go along with the false protector -- and usually will be shaking you down for donations to keep his website up and running for his Very Important Work for Truth and Democracy.

And don't listen to any alternative points of view because those are Weapons.

Just like those Weapons of Mass Destruction that dragged a lot of people into a needless war all those years ago.

It is a scam -- but also a meta-scam.

It is a fight to reclaim a patriarchal narrative of a single right person who is The One.

It is rubbish, of course. It is feint in itself.

Now that we have people realize that the Internet can allow all sorts of points of view to be viewed to everyone, it is scaring a lot of people who are control freaks, and just want their point of view to be taken as the gospel truth.

It is the reason we need facts. We need to be exposed to all sorts of perspectives, even the ones that we do not like. Life is not about being comfortable.

It is about facing reality, and dealing with it.

Not everyone will applaud your stupidity. Not everyone will accept your untested life theories.

And they shouldn't. Their life requirements are not the same as yours.

The term weaponize is just a sneaky way of trying to shame and frighten people into believing a single perspective.

There are lies out there and plenty of them. There is misinformation and propaganda.

But we always had it. Propaganda has always been with us.

And it only works if we blindly follow a patriarchal script that is polluted with logical fallacies.

Look for facts, and there is no weapon to worry about. Seek truth in reality, and you have nothing to fear.

Bravery finds answers, but fear never does.

You do not resist. You do not accept. You look for facts, and then start to think.

Not fall for meta-propaganda as you think you found the life hack that will save you from the monsters in your own head.