Memo to Melanie Joly: No, Internet companies are not responsible for paying for any kind of journalism. When the communications industry get over themselves and make changes, they will connect to audiences all by themselves.

The passivity of Canadian journalists and even the federal government is truly disheartening. Melanie Joly is Canada's Minister of Canadian Heritage and she is meddling by making a silly decree that Internet companies ought to be supporting local news.

Oh, please, enough with the Sugar Daddy business model.

Once upon a time, we had only print. That's it. No one "supported" newspapers. Those who manufactured printing presses and the paper didn't "support" the news. That was not socially engineered. It is akin to forcing construction companies to pay the mortgages of people who want to live in those dwellings.

Sooner or later, you have to cut the umbilical cord and you have to create a product that people will pay for to get.

The Internet companies already made it easy for people and companies to disseminate news. That made it extremely easy. WordPress makes it simple for me to write my observations and findings. They did their jobs.

I can use a variety of other platforms to promote or discuss it, and I have far fewer resources than other traditional media outlets.

The problem with journalism is the unfounded sense of importance, entitlement, and infallibility. It is their own bad attitudes and unwillingness to make the fundamental changes they needed to in order to connect to audiences. They mistook the perks of having a monopoly with being clever or even necessary.

They had rigs that propped them up. They never had the savvy to see that those rigs enabled the bad habits that would do them in once those structural rigs were removed.

And the Internet took away those  unfair rigs. They did not prevent journalism from finding new ways to do the core job of informing people. They never stood in the way.

It is the fault of the profession for not being humble and realistic enough to see what happened, make changes, and then move on.

The profession honestly wants to be paid for not changing with the times. If you cannot keep up with the times, you are in no position to chronicle those times because you do not see the obvious.

And the Canadian government should stop meddling with their stupid ideas that have no basis in reality.

And then start dealing with reality themselves.

And that reality is the communications industry are the architects of their own demise.

Now get out the way and let those who do not need to propped up to do what needs to be done to create something new that is in tune with the world and doesn't try to keep the old confines in place.