Netflix thinks it suddenly knows news...

And wants to do a news program. 246x0w

Broadcasters went into news, not for a public service, but because it was much cheaper than creating original programming.

Netflix needs filler -- and new filler because streaming services thrive on novelty. It is disposable entertainment. When you can watch what you want when you want, you burn through things, always wanting something new...

And that is hard to keep up.

So to keep the game going, the next step is to find a cheaper way of providing content on the cheap.

And so, a news show.

They will not get it right at any rate. The model of Netflix is not conducive to information dissemination. Worse, with the Internet being seen by governments as a threat to chasten and then control, the timing couldn't be worse.

Because it is not just a war of giving people freedom to express their beliefs, but a fight over regaining a Patriarchal narrative that is rigged in certain people's favour.

This foray will be interesting to watch, but unlikely to resurrect a dead profession -- unless it is a news show about how wonderful selfies are...