The inability to accept responsibility continues.

There are no shortage of "watchdog" organizations hitching their ride of journalism. None of them have worked. They offer nothing of value as the profession collapsed. These are the places for Fear and Pity Tours, making them no better than reporters in the profession doing the same.

No watchdog or media literacy group can make a difference in the profession. No matter how snazzy their website or self-loving their description. That ship, if it ever existed, has already sailed.

The entire profession now openly begs for money -- in Canada, they beg the government. In the US, they beg people for donations. The same holds true for watchdogs.

This article about one panel discussion is worth noting in that it offers nothing new to what journalists are saying about their profession -- that it is everyone else's fault in the world but their own. I have never seen an entire profession walk lockstep in this patently arrogant manner -- We're perfect! You cannot live without us! Everyone else is wrong! It's not fair! Give us money!

Who does that?

You even had the Toronto Star rage that not even their archaic business model is at fault, and anyone who criticizes it is wrong.

So perfect is the press that not even a single criticism is allowed. That is the very definition of tyranny.

But the watchdog article is not so angry -- but it makes the same underlying argument -- it's fake news! It's the public who have the wrong perceptions of us! They need us! We give people a voice!

Uh, no you don't. That may have been true a quarter of a century ago, but with social media, that is no longer true.

Journalism lost the monopoly of voice. It is a reality that seems to not get through to an entire industry.

If you cannot admit that there have been changes that have made big segments of your mandate obsolete, there is no helping the industry.

And not even the watchdog groups have hit upon the obvious.

So how well can the watchmen be if they are as blind to reality as those they proclaim to watch?