Doug Ford and Donald Trump: Storybombing Canadian media narratives. With ease.

Doug Ford becomes PC party leader despite all of the news media's assurances that it was Christine Elliott's time. And now Donald Trump is again at it, calling Canada "brutal", and making sure his audience knows those wily northern foxes have outwitted presidents before him.

Dale doesn't get it. His decree that Trump is wrong and rambling is beside the point. The fact is that he now has his own narrative, that completely alters the narrative Canadians have spent decades cultivating.

Ford story-bombed the narrative completely: Patrick Brown -- who was kicked to the curb in the throes of #MeToo, paved the way for a woman to take charge of the big mess of the PC Party...

And then Doug Ford won, completely messing up the well-crafted story.

Trump is also story-bombing a longer and more established Canadian narrative where we are the nice guys, good guys, appeasers, and underdogs, and he has experience story-bombing the US media's narratives, starting from the one where he was a joke candidate to the one where Hillary Clinton would win by a landslide to the one where he wouldn't last a year, and if he did, he would ruin the economy. He is America's spoiler, and now he has his sights clearly on altering the perceptions the US has of its Northern neighbours.

His track record for story-bombing shows that he has yet to miss a target. He knows exactly how to interject his spin and when. Nitpicking is not going to alter a thing for the simple reason he has already primed his audience to disbelieve anything those fast talkers have got to say in their defence.

Both men get chaos. They understand that order is a mirage, and they break those paper-thin façades to twist that story to their own advantage. The guy who wins gets a hero's crown, and the press, particularly in Canada, are clueless to what is actually happening. Those so-called diverse and inclusive narratives crumble in the face of reality because you have people who will cross lines and not care about labels other people give them to try and stop them from grabbing the spoils of war.

This is a Post-Progressive world right now. As I said before #MeToo does not have the same meaning in Canada as it does in the US, and Ford's victory is proof of it. He is the internal story-bomber, and he, like his younger brother who handily won the mayoralty race in Toronto despite the media narrative that he'd lose, can override the program to win.

But Trump is the external story-bomber. He is attacking those narratives from the outside. Both men are dismantling the old narratives, and doing it with rapid ease.

Because they are not sticking to scripts and the press always does -- and when you stick to scripts, you can have no idea about the state of reality.