Why Newsweek lost its mind, journalistic dysfunction, and why reporters are ignoring Bob Woodward. We are living in the Dark Ages, without a doubt.

If anyone wonders why Newsweek imploded so horrifically, one only needs to look at their interview with Bob Woodward, and it's introduction:

Want to bring down Donald Trump?

Don’t count on Robert Mueller. Forget Congress. Learn to do investigative journalism. And you might as well study with one of the only living people who really did help oust a president: Bob Woodward.

So far gone is this deluded dead profession that it believes it has the right to bring down a democratically-elected leader. Any publication that openly calls for sedition, and thinks its desires override that of millions of people is absolute tyranny.

They didn't get their way. Their demands on the populace was roundly ignored, and yet they still are openly plotting and scheming to dethrone someone just because he exposed just how impotent and worthless they have become.

And it grossly overestimates its own abilities. "Investigative journalism" no longer exists because it is an undisciplined and illiterate method with no audience who actually cares what journalists have to say anymore.

Newsweek's demise would be welcome relief. It has become an embarrassment to its own previous legacy.

After all, investigative journalism is used to find out if there is a problem. It is not to be misused to rig an outcome you want.

The rest of the interview is skewed with the usual journalistic cheerleading -- and not questioning the death of journalism, how its sloppy ways destroyed public goodwill, and simply is about what reporters can do to place someone they want in the White House. There is warm fuzzies over Watergate -- a truly powerful and positive, albeit ancient episode in the history of the profession -- but no mention how perhaps a movie of it may have planted very destructive seeds, bringing in narcissists who fantasized about having movies done about them, too.

It tries to dictate a certain narrative, but the end result is cringeworthy and explains why Newsweek became junk.

There is no self-reflection, and no irony in a toxic magazine interviewing a scion of the once noble profession.

Did reporters have an emotional meltdown when Trump won? Of course, it signalled their demise. They weren't the masters of manipulation as they once honestly believed. Their collective brain power could not stand up to a single man.

It is sorry times we live in -- and you know it's sorry when there are countless DIY propaganda posters trying to boost morale and give excuses why people do not have to see reality or make true change -- and that we lack information that forces us to see the world as it is will cause more trouble than it's worth.

Bob Woodward represents an era of journalism that can no longer exist. What is needed is new methods and approaches, and the sooner they take root and grow, the better.