Rah-rah advertorials as "news": When it is affirming advertising, it is meant to pander, not to inform. Building up fantasies sets people up for a nasty tumble, but it's all in the name of trying to save a dead profession.

Brava! Look at our positive coverage! Says the New York Times. And us! Says the Toronto Star.

Journalism required a feel for how to find and present facts. It is not meant to cheerlead, but the press has two modes: vilify and deify. There is no in-between, or understanding that facts do not need a sales or hatchet job.

For decades, all sorts of people were ignored in the press or just plain demonized.

The press got flack for it, but didn't care because they were making money, and they had readers and ratings.

Over time, those numbers declined, and then it suddenly dawned on the press that they could try to bounce back by courting all those people they ignored or dismissed as silly.

So now they have overdone it with positive press pieces that are patronizing, giving people little pats on the head.

If anyone wants a glowing piece of advertising, they can buy ads.

What journalism cannot grasp is how to cover events without commentary. Do not applaud or boo. Just present the facts. Not all women are wonderful and nice. Some are psychopaths and bumblers, just like men.

If we had a healthy news media, we wouldn't have embarrassing dreck like this -- building people's egos and then they honestly believe they can never do any wrong and their critics who may have legitimate grievances, are wrong and evil.

That's why wealthy white men who used to get the praise got out of control: there was no one there to smack them back to reality and call them on the carpet for their increasingly despotic behaviour.

And many of those same despots got the shock of their lives with #MeToo. Had they been called out at the beginning and not be mislabeled Great Men, it would have never gotten that bad.

Now, there will be a generation of people who will also let everything go to their heads and show that the human condition is the same, regardless of what you look like on the outside.

There is no feedback. There are no facts to see reality. It is either praise or derision.

Usually praise, praise, praise, and then derision.

True journalist doesn't sell, but tell. Just facts. No sway. No playing favourites. Just presenting reality as it is to everyone. People can make proper comparisons and contrasts, and then make decisions on their own.