Canadian journalism's wasteland: A well-organized mob comes out to make damage. The police did nothing, but the Canadian media giggle and pat citizens on the head. How is living anarchy suit you, Hamilton?

Businesses in Hamilton warned police numerous times over the last few months that trouble was coming. They, of course, were ignored.

The rampage was well-organized, and yet the police were completely blindsided; retreating and arresting no one. Politicians and police are now babbling nonsense as they pat themselves on the back for a job not done.

Hamilton is one of the largest cities in Canada, with over a half million people, and yet, when there is big trouble, nothing got done. No one saw it coming, no chatter was caught, nothing.

Canadians are in sleepwalking mode these days, cheerily making no demands and being proud that they take abuse with a smile on their faces.

In the US, for instance, when it was discovered that four sheriff's deputies hid while gunman Nikolas Cruz killed students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS in Florida, there was national outrage. In Hamilton, people shrugged it off.

And the press took the opportunity to poke fun at the mob that caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage as their violence has now escalated.

The National Post thought a mob storming a street was hilarious, treating a cabal of organized thugs as silly because they didn't storm Wal-Marts but local businesses. Why would they storm Wal-Mart? The point of the exercise was to let local people know that they can destroy their livelihoods with impunity.

And when 30 people can do that and the police cannot arrest a single one, you are not living under the law. You are living in anarchy.

This rampage isn't something that has anything positive going for it. It doesn't matter if people go shopping on Locke Street to show their support because that area was targeted before, and now insurance companies will jack up the rates, and will see Hamilton in a negative light because it has now come to light that this city is unresponsive and irresponsible to keeping businesses safe from vandals. So buying an extra donut is not going to cover the difference.

And it will happen again, only what is going to be done for an encore?

As usual, no journalist has asked a single hard question. None seems capable of an independent thought that goes against the narrative that it will All Work Out In The End.

It won't if you do not take trouble seriously.

Hamilton, despite every false assurance that there is "rejuvenation" taking place, is in a bad place. The roads are literal garbage. The real estate market has crashed. People here are precariously employed. For all the chirpy cheerleading, the only new businesses here are antiques, meaning no new manufacturing jobs to go along with it, and restaurants, where the profit margins are razor thin and even that market is over-saturated, and when things get tough, the first indulgence people cut is eating out.

There are lots of tattoo parlours and pot shops cropping up, and the latter have been targeted for some very violent robberies. Neither one of those kinds of businesses are going to generate any sort of rejuvenation for the city. If it weren't for public sector jobs in education, post-secondary, and health care, this town would be dead and buried.

This used to be a steel town where factory jobs drove the economy. It produced tangible goods, and people had disposable income. Those days are done. We have unresponsive leadership, and a few maroons posing as journalists chirping how everything is fantastic.

Stop ignoring the dangers and the rot. Stop looking for the positive side of horror. We have serious crime. We have abused children and women -- and a shortage of foster care spaces and shelter spaces.

And now we have thugs who are breaking what little is left in this city.

At what point do we say, "This is bad. This is a crisis. The blessings have gone and all that is left are the curses"?

Don't expect the dead profession of journalism to ask the hard questions. They are too busy amusing themselves with their own ignorant stupidity to do it.