Journalism is dead. Why it is finally time to start its alternative.

CNN was once an all-news network, but now it's just a carnival. When criticism of their seamless pandering Town Hall is arrogantly dismissed because "they'll get over it", you know it no longer has a clue what journalism was all about. It offered no actual information. It was theatrics and fear-mongering as it exploited terrorized teenagers who lack the life experience to know their agony and fear is being manipulated for ratings sake. They have no idea how to see reality and truth because if they did, they would have skipped the sucker circus and found more productive ways to deal with the issues that changed their lives forever.

So clueless have news producers become that Pointer has an article with the headline:

A journalism educator wonders: How can I teach students how to maintain their credibility?

It is an easy answer: as journalists, there is no way for them to maintain their credibility.

They cannot be credible in a profession that long ago squandered that credibility.

And if they entered a disreputable profession in a time where outlets are closing amid a never-ending stream of scandals and blunders, they are absolutely clueless about truth and reality.

Their judgement is non-existent. It is not as if these students have revolution on their minds. They are dutifully following the old rules and justifying them when all evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that journalism is dead.

Because journalism is dead.

But now is the time to create its replacement that has a chance to begin with the knowledge and wisdom to know what killed its predecessor, and how to avoid the traps that took down journalism.

When educators have no idea how to build credibility, students are deluded as to what kind of profession they are entering, and those still in the business who are actively making things worse, you need to admit that journalism failed, but people still need to be informed.

The problem is that there is no alternative model to do it.

Yet those who peddle in propaganda are not going to play fair while there is a vacuum. Social media is an inadequate substitute. You need expertise and methods of verifying information independently, and then present it in such a way that people can make use of it without having a narrative or spin imposed on that information.

Academia has elements worth considering, but it lacks instinct, savvy, and most importantly of all, speed.

These are considerations. The information stream is polluted, corrupted, toxic, and broken.

A new pipeline would rebuild knowledge and trust.

And in a time where there is rampant fear and irrationality, it cannot come soon enough...