The Sun fear-mongers about Russian propaganda. They don't need to bother. Really.

The Sun is trashy tabloidism, and is shameless in their perpetual blaring headlines. The-sun-newspaper-logo

I usually do not comment about it, but this article gave me a laugh:

Inside the murky world of billionaire oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin who claims to be ‘Putin’s chef’ but is accused of masterminding Russia’s fake news factories

If it is true, then what a waste of billions. Journalism collapsed because of their lapses into fake news.

And fraudulent news, such as telling us about the latest celebrity selfie. News has been watered down over the years, as headship has plummeted; so why bother at all?

Because the story reassures the press that it is an identifiable bad guy who is responsible for their woes as they try to frighten people into coming back because those big bad Ruskies are lurking online, waiting to indoctrinate them.

Propaganda used to be in the interest of the governments; now it is in the interest of saving newspapers from closing.

It is a peculiar time we are currently living in, and articles like this are proof how badly journalism's fortunes have fallen...when even tabloids' kinky sensationalist stories are no longer drawing in the crowds...