Memo to the National Post: Beggars cannot be choosers. A dead profession doesn't deserve to be saved. You made the mess. You clean it up.

The National Post is misusing its product to throw a temper tantrum. National-Post-3

That is not news, but the Post has a history of printing non-news things, such as canards like this one:


But the sheer unrealistic expectations is mond-boggling:

“That’s a bit of a Band-Aid solution,” said John Hinds, the CEO of News Media Canada, who fears it may be too little, too late.

“It’s not what we would have hoped for,” Hinds said. “Ten million dollars over five years really isn’t going to address the problem. That’s really the cost of running one newsroom of a mid-size daily newspaper in Canada.”

How much were the beggars asking for?

Hinds said his organization had proposed a $350 million annual journalism fund that would allow the government to subsidize individual journalists at publications providing civic or local news.

And, the article had been selectively deceptive with this passage:

Critics of the various rescue plans say the government would only be supporting broken business models, as print journalism continues to grapple with plummeting revenues.

No, it is not just a broken "business model." Journalism itself is broken beyond repair. It is not the business model that is the problem. If you have a product people want and need, your subscription base remains the same, even grows.

People are running away from it. They do not like the content that journalism produces. It goes way beyond incompetence of business. It is a incompetence of journalism, a profession that did not keep up with the times or tried to improve their profession.

Yet again, journalists are in denial that what they are churning out is flawed.

And to misuse their space to complain is a perfect example of a broken mindset.

That's why journalism alternatives are desperately needed. You cannot find truth. You cannot find facts. You cannot find reality.

Just yet another whiny diatribe of why a dysfunctional profession needs a government to support them.