Canadian journalism's very bad bailout reflects a very bad industry.

Yes, the federal government swooped in to save those bumbling damsels in distress. It was more than what Canadian journalism deserved, and yet there is griping that it didn't go far enough. I am surprised they didn't demand to make it illegal not to subscribe to a newspaper.

Will the measures work? Of course not. The declines will not be stemmed by a charitable status. It openly invites partisan propaganda, but even that is not going to resurrect a dead profession.

A investor is better off starting their own media property from scratch. Rupert Murdoch learned that lesson when he launched the Fox News Channel, and I suspect that someone with purse strings will use that not-for-profit loophole to forego the Establishment dreck and start something fresh without the previous baggage or the arrogant meddling of the old guard.

Media owners in this country, in their desperation, just opened the door for competitors to take advantage of the situation to create their own partisan fiefdoms without the stench of the previous gang of idiots who messed up to the point of begging a regime to rescue them...