CNN's hypocrisy: A vested interest in wanting to go after Facebook and Google when CNN was the one who got the mindset rolling.

Jeff Zucker has nerve calling for a probe and Google and Facebook. Of all the outlets to make such a self-serving demand, CNN is not one to do it. Besides the fact that the outlet has a vested interest in going after the competition, the fact remains that sites such as Facebook and Google would have never been as popular as they were if there wasn't first a CNN.

CNN was the first all-news channel in the US. It homogenized what was acceptable round-the-clock information dissemination, and ate away from network broadcasters. It may not have been interactive, but CNN was a precursor.

It had international bureaus and aired around the world right before its parent company was bought by AOL Time Warner.

AOL -- one the first wave of Internet heavyweights.

Considering CNN was an broadcasting innovator, you'd think that same spirit would compel them to be a news version of Facebook or Google. They had the means, resources, and access to talent to make it happen.

It never took advantage of what it had.

Facebook and Google came roaring along, ready to take over the world with youth enthusiasm as CNN chose to live in a cave.

Facebook and Google fought to set the rules. They defined the Internet, and pushed forward, gaining market share because they were active. CNN just expected the Media Fairy to bring them audiences without thinking about tomorrow.

And now when they have messed up, they want they mysterious organization called They (in this case, "regulators") to do their dirty work for them.

They are not making this call for the sake of democracy, but their own backsides. The temper tantrum is meaningless, and considering the opportunities they had over the years, this is a real knee-slapper of a tirade. Nice try, but I'm not buying it for a second.