A non-profit status to Canadian journalism properties will not change their fortunes. It will not revive the industry. It will just allow a bit of blatant partisan reporting before the inevitable hits. Journalism in Canada is dead. Deal with it.

Canadian journalism is a rotted corpse being put on a life support system. This is typical Canadian logic: wait until it is too late, then panic, and waste money on a foregone conclusion.

Being labelled "non-profit" will not prevent more job losses or closures because...ta da!

No one is reading or watching their product.

Why not?

Because it stinks. The end.

The honest and charitable thing would have been to let there be no more delusions in either the media industry or the public that they have an information system for civilians. Because they do not. What you have is oblivious and arrogant leeches and script-followers who hijack an industry, sucked it dry, and now have no where else to turn.

Start something fresh and new. Do not let the same band of sheltered goobers screw it up again.

The status will not change the trajectory. It merely adds expense to it. This is more than just an dead industry's humiliation -- it is committing an indignity to a corpse.

Because people are terrified of the truth and reality that Canada has no journalism -- just a few people wearing a paper crown and pulling in dregs of a pay check.

It will not solve a thing. Non-profit means no change in the way it conducts its affairs, meaning even fewer people will both with it. People still go to their generated memes to get informed about Donald Trump. They have not have real news for so long, that they have no interest in it.

This has been a very amusing comedy to watch for me. It's like watching Weekend at Bernie's.

Journalism is gone. Time to create its replacement. Keep its destroyers away from the product -- and let them find a job more suitable to their toxic and destructive talents...