Why journalism never hit their targets.

In truth. In reality. That's where we live. But we are surrounded by lies, fantasies, delusions, and misperceptions.

Journalism was supposed to be the way average citizens could distinguish the lies from the truths, the fantasy from the reality.


That's the target of any reporter, but it hasn't always been that way.

Once upon a time, there were journalists who could do that. We had exposés, and investigative reports. One took down a sitting US President.

With the success of those stories, there were models to use as a reference.

But it was the glory and results that inspired more than the techniques.


But that selfish desire for accolades, applause, and attention came at a price.

I always said journalists are soldiers fighting in a war against lies to liberate truths.

You aim at truth. That is your target.

You see truth when you see and understand reality.

You do not aim at lies to destroy them because lies are a mirage, and an illusion.

So, you keep focussed on the truth so that they lies vanish because they are the misdirection all along.

Ruses, feints, and propaganda is just window-dressing to hide the truth slumbering.

Wake up the truth, and it roars all by itself.

But journalists never quite got the nuances of their jobs. They targeted lies, and often by insisting on using narratives.

That is like projecting a target behind someone's back, and what happens is they become a target without their knowledge.

You misuse journalism when you do that -- going after people, rather than finding facts. You don't need gotcha -- what you need is facts.

That's the reason why Watergate worked. That's the reason Nellie Bly's stories worked. The facts will convict or exonerate.

But when the goal is to target a person or collective, you lose sight of the truth. Facts reveal guilt and innocence. Find the right facts and you create a map of reality.

Use that map as a guide and it will awaken the truth.

There are many kinds of facts, but journalists do not know what they are, let alone how to liberate them.

There are many unfound ways of finding, analyzing, and presenting facts, and journalists do not know what they are.

That's why the profession collapsed. It wanted the glory, but didn't understand that it wasn't about glory.

It was about understanding truth and reality by asking questions, using skepticism, and not using the cheat of narrative.

Because narrative brings in deceptions, tainting and corrupting the product, and it was a poison that blurred their vision until they could see nothing at all.