Partisan outlet finds creative sugar daddy; rest of Canadian media extremely jealous. It won't work, but it sure does show journalism's petty side.

Ezra Levant's The Rebel should be relabelled The Partisan. It's not all that rebellious as it dutifully, if self-indulgently preaches to a devout flock, that is the ideological opposite to Vice Media. He has managed to carve a niche for himself, driving the Left side of the dividing line green with envy. He has his own little clubhouse to play in with his posse, while they must toil for not all that likeable overlords. The-Rebel-Media-TEXT-LOGO

But making it profitable is still a challenge; so Levant has found a benefactor and a stunt.

A retirement savings fund via The Rebel? Whatever it is, it certainly has gotten the traditionalists very jealous.

What if he succeeds? What if he makes money and more than a big outlet? The rest of the press may be making fun of it, but the idea of Levant pulling a rabbit out of his hat terrifies them more than if Donald Trump ended up being declared the patron saint of journalism by the Vatican.

He does have his ardent supporters. He has a base. He has his routine and he is savvy enough to keep things going, even in this dismal media climate.

What he doesn't have is any opportunity to grow and expand. Being partisan gives you very little room to grow or maneuver. His followers will stick to him, until a more novel or strident younger model comes along. He is media-savvy, and can keep a sizeable portion to stay with him, but a boutique outlet is still confined, and with restrictions, the latest ploy is unlikely to work or to last.

But he has a thinking cap, and he uses it. Most journalists do not have the marquee value, nor the guts to strike it out the way he has, and in a profession filled with raging egos, they can make fun of him out in the open, but inwardly, they are miffed it's him with his own pirate ship, while they are stuck on a sinking ship not of their own making, and one they do not own or have the right to steer in another direction or fix.