Matriarchal Storytelling is not about formulas. It is about equations.

I came across these two "handy" cheat sheets for writing Patriarchal fiction. 87539b6c255742b1e05605e799dfdcbf

Climb up, and then it is all downhill from there. Why bother?

Then there was this one.


It's that simple? No wonder publishing and movies are suffering. It is all the same script and formula with no variation.

That is stagnation. That is just making assumptions that lazy copying can possibly means being creative.

The Matriarchal is not about handy cheat sheets. It is about equations. It is about exploring interconnectedness. How does a moral person live? How does an immoral person live? Sometimes two siblings grow up under near identical circumstances, but one is kind, and the other is cruel.

With Matriarchal it is not about getting stories to fit those charts: it is about letting characters guide the story.

Life is not so simple and binary. The Matriarchal doesn't try to force the narrative of the One. It tries to ride the waves of the Infinite.

And it understands in terms of equations: how does one person with certain traits behave when connecting and interacting with a similar person? Or someone different.

What if it is one person with two different people? What is the reaction? How do they reflect?

Then we take the environment under consideration as well as history.

We look at time, and at space.

The past is the reference. The future is the reward. The present is the purpose.

But stories are taking place in the present, even though they also represent that past and the future in relation to other characters. It is a Venn circle -- or more accurately, and Venn sphere with different interactions affecting different people, groups, events, and outcomes.

What can seem like a solution to one group in the past can turn out to be a problem to another in the future.

The Matriarchal is fluid enough to be a flexible weave of stories that can work together, or stand by themselves. Their order is unimportant to its flow. We take snippets from different times and places -- forward, backward, and even parallel.

Spoilers are not an issue because spoilers are relative. It is not so much whodunnit, but why.

It is the interconnectedness that counts. We understand the importance of interacting with others.

It is not about scripts and everything falling into place, but rising above to create worlds that grow and progress...