Canadian government enables dead profession with $50 million down the drain. Why the pity cash will keep the rot and not revive journalism.

Unfortunately, the Canadian government lacks the ovaries to tell the Canadian journalism industry to take a hike, and caved in. But what can you expect from someone who mistakes a patronizing display of cultural (or is it cultural?) appropriation as a compliment?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greets the people during his visit to the holy Sikh shrine of Golden temple in Amritsar

Mind you, Canadian media are used to being funded in various forms by the government. It's the lazy way to do business.

If we had a real government, they would have not funded the old.

But then again, if they are paying the bills, they will dictate coverage in one form or another. Journalists are not going to bite the hand that feeds them.

So now the taxpayers are forced to fund something they did not want to fund in the first place. The "gender equality" spin is ridiculous. Journalism imploded in Canada because the entire structure was rotten and out-of-touch with reality. Having a few more females in the profession won't save it at all.

You need innovators who are going to rock the boat, and you are not going to see those kinds of hires.

Fifty million sounds like a lot, but it will not be able to fix anything. Heads need to roll. This is gross mismanagement and incompetence. The enable cash will ensure those whose heads needed to roll are spared.

It won't change journalism's fortunes, however. It will merely keep executive salaries in place for a short time. Ottawa lacks vision and courage. So does the journalism industry.

That the industry needed a handout from the government is proof they are incompetent, and incapable of doing their jobs or understanding reality: so how can anyone expect them to cover that reality?

They don't: it's why they have become apathetic and walked away. When newspapers were making money from classifieds and ads, they had the scratch, but still didn't know what do to with it to improve their product.

The bailout does not even postpone the inevitable: it merely makes it more expensive...