Passivity, journalism style: Do not look at the facts, just tell people to embrace the status quo and suck it up...and then beg the government to bail out your industry. Well played, Globe and Mail.

The Globe and Mail has bee on the Fear and Pity bandwagon for quite some time, instructing the government to bail out newspapers because they cannot afford to run their papers anymore. But what does one of their columnists do?

Tell Millennials to stop complaining about the new mortgage rules, they cannot afford houses, so just suck it up.

There is absolutely no questioning of reality here: Canadians got poorer last year, with a sizeable chunk of people who no longer see themselves as middle class, and this is a country who has a family of four on $20,000 a year who think they are middle class, particularly in Hamilton, where the housing prices went out of whack last year, but with people unable to pay for basic utilities.

People rent rooms, sell their assets on Kijiji, divest of their family's jewelry, drive for Uber, and rely on the "sharing" economy to make ends sort of meet.

That is a crisis. That is something that needs to addressed. If Millennials -- who are mightily educated with graduate degrees, are struggling with affording a house, then we should be active in seeing what is going on here. We have people who are precariously employed in this country. We have people trying all sorts of things to make a decent living -- not an extravagant one, but a decent one.

And you have an obtuse ditz dismissing an entire generation with a suck it up attitude?

Journalism was a profession that perpetually stuck its collective nose in the air, trying to seem worldly and well-to-do, and now they have been decimated.

Yet they still just want people to go along with any and all rot.

They are unteachable. They never learn, or wise up to the very environment they made a promise to cover.

And their ignorance isn't helping this country's fortunes, either.