Vox layoffs: No, it is not just traditional media that is blood-letting. Journalism is just dead.

Vox is letting go staffers as it shrinks. Online publications can make excuses all they want as to why they are blood-letting, but there is a single reason for it. The mindset is broken. No foundation, no base, no future.

Online journalism is more disgraceful because they had a superior mode of dissemination, and could have created an alternative to journalism entirely.

What they did was use the old model, and then do everything that sunk journalism, only did more of it.

There should have been more experimentation, not less. The online kids thought they could just pump up the opinion, narrative, smugness, sophistry, attitude, and snark, and that was all that was needed.

They kept the Patriarchal structure in a medium that screams for Matriarchal. They were as misogynistic as their forefathers of the previous three media. It was all white boys swaggering around, trying to be the One as they shut down people whose beliefs weren't exactly like their own.

Well played, gentlemen.

They cribbed ideas, never giving credit where credit was due. They filled their product with listicles and quizzes.

Now that reality is sinking in, they are not special, and the fate that befell the traditional outlets befell them, too.

You are now dealing with a selfie generation who do not care about anything else save for their Facebook likes and Twitter retweets. To engage a public is an uphill battle as people are now convinced their thoughts are perfect as they are, their opinions are facts, and differing points of views should be shut down in favour of a photograph of their free appetizer from the Outback.

It is an information crisis. Information literacy is now nonexistent. People are schooling themselves on meme propaganda posters.

And it is a serious problem with no end in sight.