Gender Inequality when it comes to photographing male and female actors? Ya think, Hub? When the press finally hits upon the's still oblivious.

Oh dear, you mean actresses are photographed half-naked while their male costars are dressed dignified, Hub? You just realized this now?


And that the boys all have wrinkles and are older than the dolled up female?

You didn't notice that, though. That requires two thoughts.

I have been noticing that for years.

And on this web site for a very long time.

Some of my favourites come from Vanity Fair.

To recap from previous entries:





And just in case you are going to tell me that Vanity Fair is "just" a celebrity magazine, Time magazine pulls that kind of garbage, too.

This is how one of the biggest female artists of a generation makes it on the cover:


And a male singer who who was also a well-regarded voice of his:


And that game has gone on for at least for as long as I have been alive:


And the only reason we even have an article like that is because some people on Twitter complained, though the actress thought critics should "get a grip" that women can only get publicity being undressed amid fully-clothed male colleagues. Had she been an actress who always wore jeans and a sweater, she wouldn't be hitting Slap Chops on informercials.

It is not as if journalists or editors see these things themselves.

Because they are the ones putting out the dreck in the first place.

Nice try.