Dear journalists: It is 2018. We have a Dark Web and 3-D Printers. No wonder you never got this whole Internet thing.

With calls in the US for gun control, I am taken by the lack of foresight, and a big wallop of the confirmation bias. Canada has gun control, but we have has mass shootings on the streets, in schools, in mosques, and on Parliament Hill. We have a fraction of the population with a greater spread, but gun control has not curbed gun violence or violence in general here.

But it is more than that.

We could have gun control, but it is 2018. We have the Dark Web. We have 3-D printers. You do not need to buy a gun; you can download software and make a gun. You can also make one with mundane objects as many prisoners in jails have done over the years.

If we had an ethical press, those would be the questions they would be asking: how can today and tomorrow's technology put a crimp on easy bandage solutions. Terrorist groups have radicalized, recruited, and sent marching orders to teens and adults.

But we don't have an ethical press. We have a short-sighted press. I do not blame people for panicking and looking for the quickest and fastest answer, but we also need realism, sensibility, and truth.

But you need to understand the past, which is our reference. The present is the purpose, and the purpose is to solve our problems. The future is our reward.

If we want to end bloodshed, we need to consider more than knee-jerk reactions. We need facts. We need to test theories and consider all sorts of upsetting variables.

In the latest Florida massacre, we have a troubled young man who had a very long paper-trail that screamed that he was a ticking time bomb. At any time, someone could have intervened without the need for gun control.

Because by the time we are discussing gun control, it's already too late: because someone became homicidal.

We need an ethical information-gatherer to see how problems explode, and where can   we improve our ways. There is no mysterious or benevolent organization called They. It's just Us.

The more information we have, the more control and power comes to us. Information gives us breathing room. We can find more accurate and complex solution that will actually deal with the core of the problem to fix it.

In this case, our technology has gotten ahead of us. We have voids, and a press that is far behind the times. The chasm has made society's problems worse.

We need to bridge that gap. Perhaps gun control is a part of the solution, but it cannot be the only one in a world where you can use a 3-D printer and a special browser to access the Dark Web to get anything you want to express your irrational rage.

But irrational fear solves nothing. Facts, logic, and emotional literacy can solve anything if we can face reality and truth to see what needs to be done -- and then go do it.