Stupid Journalism Cures: Let's ignore the death, and slop some makeup on the corpse. Maybe that will save the profession.

If journalists were doctors, they would never know the patient had cancer because they'd never run a single test to find out. Nope, the patient has to be healthy.

If there were glaring symptoms, their idea of a cure would be to deny those symptoms were bad. Coughing up blood? Well then, you have colourful coughs! Isn't that special! And superior! Yay!

Too sick to work? Well, let's get the government to pay your employers for your job. You can't get to work, but money is still flowing somewhere.

The patient is dead?

No, it's not. You are being hysterical over some stench (and is it stench? That's just your opinion) and melodramatic about some nonsense of a body decomposing.

Look, if it looks that bad to other people, slap on some make-up and tell the kids this is thinking about the future of the patient.

Not only would the doctor lose that license, they would probably end up in jail or in an asylum.

But that is the thinking that has ensnared journalists. They do not get it.

This perky press release from GeekWire is proof positive that people in the profession are that deluded and out of touch with reality as a collective. The Hive Media Lab is mere window-dressing, and it does nothing of value to touch the core rot that felled journalism, let alone can it be about a dead profession's "future." The fact that it pretends to be "one-of-a-kind" is kind of silly: many public libraries have maker's space that do pretty much very similar things.

This is pure grifter-speak at its cheesiest.

The layout of this empty space looks like something you'd find on Pinterest for how to place your IKEA furniture. There is nothing remotely innovative, original, or realistic here. Just another narcissistic piece of puffery that does everything except the very things that are needed to fill a void.

And then is this knee-slapper piece of cornfed logic from the Winnipeg Free Free about how a survey that proclaims that people believe journalism is important.

Yes, but they are not getting journalism from media outlets, and that's why they abandoned them in droves.

Yes, being informed is important, but journalism forgot how to deliver it.

It forgot how to face shortcomings so they can be overcome, not be seen as signs of health.

A survey is not a selling point to get people to buy a defective product. Stop trying to persuade people to go back to something that no longer does its job.

Find out why you collapsed; so the same mistakes won't be made again.