She is not impressed with you no matter what you say or do.


Nor does she care if you are impressed with her.

She will not appease you nor does she want you to appease her.

She gets the joke.

That all the arguments and scripts in the world are used to hide the fact that it is all a lie, a sham, and a hoax.

No title, degree, wealth or level of fame is any sort of measure of a person’s true worth; so do not expect her to be jealous or fooled to validate your heart-breaking existence.

She knows exactly who and what you really are.

Once upon a time she had a revelation.

She made her own ship with her own heart and soul and cruised from Left to Right, then Above and Below, then Close and Far — and then went home to scuttle her ship and have a good long think as an author, artist and scientist using Method Research to weave the chords of everything she ever encountered together.

When she was finished thinking, she saw exactly what she was looking for and what she needed to do.

No misdirection, distraction, feint, threat, lie, manipulation or sleight of hand can stop her or move her.

She is too sensible to fall for the machinations of the impossible whether they are predator or prey.

Despite all the silly obstacles and games thrown at her to keep her back, her time has just arrived and she arrived just in time to begin.

All the strategies and cunning that were used against her were all used in vain.

Because never in the history of mankind have so there been so many wealthy and educated people who run around feigning superiority, and yet the world is in most singular economic, political, and social tintinnabulation.

All the fake titles and accolades cannot mask the whispers of rage or the smell of rot, nor can a paper crown turn a lie into a truth.

It is all someone’s sad propaganda that is infecting the lives of people who have become too selfish and arrogant to notice it, ruining the most precious gift of existence that is being squandered on unimportant trivialities.

The liars and schemers of the world have now been put on notice, and when she unleashes her righteousness, there is no time or place in the universe they can cower to hide from the truth.

Their pity, approval, distain, silence, insults, and haughtiness are all worthless considerations that have no effect on her.

They cannot beguile her with their tricks because they have been lying to themselves for so long, they no longer know which way is up nor can they distinguish a lie from a truth.

They have confused the norm with normal.

They look up to the sky, relieved it hasn’t fallen, when it is the ground under their feet that is now rapidly eroding.

So be it.

She knows that in the end, the nonsense of the petty truly does not matter.

The wicked know nothing, yet do everything in their power to hide the truth that roars.

Yet they cannot hide that beautiful truth from her.

No matter what they do to try to rig the outcome, they cannot stop her.

She sees it all.

She knows that it is only the new beginning that counts for one and all.

She understands that it is all comedy one way or another, and chooses peace and goodness above all else and she will never go into the gutter for anyone or any reason.

And that is the very thing that makes her the world’s most dangerous woman…

Alexandra Kitty, Author