Why so cowardly?




If you want to see the blueprint for F.R.E.E.D., I placed it right here.

So that we have no confusion about who created what.

But that’s just the beginning of that work.

That’s because Alexandra Kitty has courage, and that’s not a common trait in Western culture. One gripe on social media, and companies throw everyone under a bus.

Which makes me boycott them because I do not like people who don’t stand behind free speech.

I also do not like big pretenders who have delusions of courage and then try to dine on it.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 11.07.27 PM.png

The “fight for truth”? You?

Don’t make me laugh, motherfuckers.

Journalism isn’t about any fighting about truth. It is about cribbing from press releases, acting as stenographers, and then telling the little people what to think as they try to bully and intimidate them.

You don’t make people afraid. You make them brave. That’s what journalism never learned to do, and the reason it has made such a mess of its own profession.

It is a cowardly profession. It hides behind veils as it demands everyone else to take theirs off.

Yeah, lead by example by taking off your veils. Stop your chest-thumping. It’s just another lie you spew.

Because cowards use lies as shields and fortresses, thinking they rig the board to their advantage as they weaken opponents and strengthen their own position.

Except when you have an antagonistic relationship with the people you are supposed to be informing, your motives come into question.

People are attacked for speaking their minds and from the heart. Truth is all about facing the reality of that and not trying to kill free speech.

But that’s what journalism is trying to do: prevent other people from offering divergent points of view in alternative venues using alternative methods.

I am moving around some of the Chaser Arcs, and Arc II will be coming in a couple of weeks. It will be about war propaganda — and showing how outlets malign contrary voices even if the evidence from experts contradicts their labels. I will question and challenge assumptions using two different wars as a comparison.

Unlike the first one, I will have an interview or two. This Arc, however, will be a meta-article: I will show the construction of a news article with annotated notes. I may use a PDF file to do it because this web site doesn’t give me the freedom to do what I want.

So as I begin to merge Chaser and F.R.E.E.D., I will provide an alternative way of interpreting information — not using fear-mongering, but bravery-inspiring.

Because the industry has become pathetic with its self-aggrandizing psychopathy — worse, universities refuse to acknowledge the problem, enabling those delusions.

There can be no truth if you are afraid. Cowardice attracts lies.

That may be how the timid classes roll, but not all of us are of that ilk, and we won’t go away, no matter how afraid of the truth others become…

Rogers sheds its magazines to St. Joseph Communications.

This is a major blow. For Rogers not to hold on to a crown jewel such as Macleans is a serious statement of non-confidence. When I was in grad school, one of my essays was all about the history of Macleans — and it has a long and storied history with many critical writers and players both writing and editing it.

St. Joseph’s once acquired both Shift magazine (an excellent tech magazine) and Saturday Night (a crown jewel think magazine with a long history), and eventually scuttled them both. I was scheduled to have an article published in Shift, and it was abruptly cancelled one month before my story on cyber crimes was to be published with them. The piece found its way to Maisonneuve magazine instead, but there is an excellent chance that one or more of these publications doesn’t last a couple of years.

A lot of St. Joseph magazines, such as Toronto Life, are given away free in places such as hospital emergency rooms where they remain untouched. It is not a good turn, but when you are too afraid of change, you can expect no other fate…

Are we brave enough now to admit that journalism is no longer a thing? Or am I still the only adult in The Room.




Aside from the intellectual theft I deal with on occasion, my other big problem is getting people to look at reality.

My latest book is ignored because in an industry filled with children, being the lone adult makes professional life difficult.

I am a reality. I don’t sugar-coat. I do not fellate. I tell things the way they are.

So, how is journalism these days?


The AP is whining about it here:

Decline in readers, ads leads hundreds of newspapers to fold

Hundreds of newspapers? You don’t say!

The Wall Street Journal is kvetching about it here:

Facebook Wants to Feed Users More Local News. There Just Isn’t Enough of It. 

One-third of Americans live in a place where the social network can’t find enough local news to feed its aggregator

Facebook is corporate spookery and tyrannical oppression. They can go to hell.

Even the Intercept is losing steam:

The Intercept, a billionaire-funded public charity, cuts back


Because none of it is empirical. I have written about F.R.E.E.D. here and in my last book, an alternative to journalism for a very long time, and there is a publisher who seems to think they can just crib from me. I will not let that happen. I have been knocked about too much already.

But when a profession is corrupt and still thinks it can play the same games, it cannot see the obvious, no matter how hard they try to pretend that nothing is wrong…

Memo to the U of T students: Homework is not a cause of suicidal depression. Shame on you, too.

If you read this website regularly, you know that in 2018, I had ovarian cancer at the same time my mother had colorectal cancer. You also know that prior to that, my grandmother Stanka was dropped by Hamilton paramedics and they caused her amputated leg to burst open, broke her teeth, broke her arm in two places that never healed, and gave her a brain bleed.

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Governments are manipulating social media? You don't say! They are manipulating regular media, too. Grow up, middle class people.

Sometimes I seriously wonder if I am the last grown up on the planet.

Longreads has a well, golly! piece that is so naive that it truly stuns me.

Some government is manipulating social media!

Motherfucker, here is the memo: every motherfucking government on this motherfucking planet is manipulating motherfucking social media and the motherfucking traditional media, too.

Just how motherfucking stupid are you?

Do you honestly believe any government wouldn’t take advantage of the mental laziness of the jittery middle class who buy into any self-aggrandizing patriarchal bullshit story?

Do you children know anything about reality?

No, of course not. You live in a bubble like the other journalists; so don’t pretend you know reality. You don’t.

Like the pauper journalists in Canada wanting to be sugardaddied and manipulated by their government because of their gross incompetency.

We have propagandists in the press who shame people who do not buy into their government’s lies.

And never question the lies the spread on behest of other governments.

And Al Jazeera should be ashamed of itself. The Christchurch gunman wasn’t influenced by Serbs or the Serbian government — and in comparison, is irrelevant.

On the other hand, did Al Jazeera ever condemn how their own nation’s citizens up and went to slaughter Serbs — strangers from a foreign country who never did them a thing to harm them?


Did you ever mention that Osama bin Laden cut his teeth murdering Serbs?

Did you ever mention how the Mujahideen videotaped the torture and slaughter of Serbs — videos that I have personally seen?

In the whole scheme of things, a song is nothing. Taking a plane to a foreign country to roast people on a spit is vile. Shame on you for your own propagandistic temper tantrum and anti-Serb bigotry.

Because that hatred killed a lot more people in New York City than it ever did in Christchurch.


There are no good guys. There is no hack or TORTEE that gives you any wiggle room. You have corrupt regimes instil fear and hatred in their own people and in people in other countries, and then that triggers wars.

And journalists, who were always narcissistic thieves and cribbers, nod their fat heads as they spew that hate without question, and then are shocked, shocked, shocked when some mentally unstable person buys the bullshit story and explodes with a weapon.

People, grow up.

Grow up.

And to answer the Guardian’s stupid question:

What do we know about the Christchurch attack suspect?

The answer is fuck all.

You are too busy morally masturbating in public to know what some jittery middle class loser with a gun was all about.

We live in an Age of Propaganda. Period. Lying and prejudice is glorified for money. Cowards get manipulated by their loser regimes, and never question why they believe fairytales without question.

Enough. Grow up. Find some courage and stop looking for other assholes to do your thinking for you…

Plagiarism is alive and well in communications...

The Thought Thieves are everything, cribbing phrases, ideas, and even whole works as their own.

Saturday Night Live is in trouble for doing so.

This sin is up there with parents bribing and cheating for their children to get into university. It is intellectual fraud.

Speaking of which, today was the first time I had to threaten legal action because someone has an idea in their head what they think they can take from me. I had to warn them what they were telling me has already been published in two of my books — and elsewhere I have written, including here and my Dangerous Woman eBooks, and considering my unique skill set, experience, and research, there is no way of any coincidence, and I will sue.

And if you know anything about me, you know I am good on my word. I have prototypes of what I am doing that go back decades. I can establish provenance, and because I went in the profession knowing full well that stealing and cheating was accepted, I did things in such a way that there is no question of proving things.

So no cutesy, perky mind games with Alexandra Kitty. I do not make empty promises, and I do not appreciate people trying to cash in on my labour. Period.

So shame on SNL for keeping their eyes on someone else’s paper…

Truth, Explained: Preface: On being the Marie Kondo decluttering the mind from bullshit by removing the flying fucks that make you buy them.






Does it spark joy?

It probably means your thinking is wrong.

Intellectual clutter is different than physical clutter: intellectual security blankets are usually the lies we cling on to in order not to have to think, act, or change.

Sophistry and the penchant for using logical fallacies and having life theories that cannot be falsified brings clutter to the mind and the soul.

Occam’s Razor helps remove the excess baggage in order to see what needs to be done to make improvements.

Truth, Explained is about the expensive bullshit stories people buy with those flying fucks, the currency used to buy them.

Get rid of both, and solutions become that much simpler — and then sparks inspiration to find a better path…

CBC lives in an infected bubble.





Gracious, an outbreak of sophistry at the CBC.

Take a look at this silly piece of dreck:

Maybe it's really time to break up the post-industrial monopolies: Don Pittis

Anti-Google statement by News Corp proves it is no longer just a project of the left

No longer?

It never was “just a project of the left.”.

News Corps. CEO Robert Thomson has been whining about this for a long time.

Remember MySpace? That’s what the company banked on being dominant when they outright bought it.

This is all about Establishments wanting control of something that has nullified much of their power. Since they can’t put the genie back into the bottle, they want to capture the genie another way.

This column’s Well golly! preciousness strains all credulity…

Only followers and cowards bow to mobs and public pressure. Those who don't give a flying fuck live their lives on their own terms.

Shaming is a technique used to keep middle class people in their place.

They are insecure and passive, always looking for easy answers that someone else thought up, and if someone shames them or ridicules them in public, then that’s it.

Twitter has been an effective propagandistic shaming tool, allowing bullying, shaming, and intimidation to be disseminated quickly, efficiently, and reliability. The Stimulus-Response mechanism of rewards and punishment ensures that control of individual behaviours can be maintained far more reliably than traditional media outlets because it gives the false impression of mass consensus and organic grassroots disapproval.

But it isn’t. No one knows who is behind the taunts or how much they are being paid by well-heeled interests to do the shaming.

If Donald Trump figured out that you can win a presidency by using Twitter, then other rich motherfuckers figured it out, too. It is just the middle class geese who think this is all real and power to the people.

But that illusion is good enough to be effective.

So here we have people whining that they are getting fake activists hounding them through email and social media.

Did it ever occur to you that these people might have someone paying and directing them to do so?

As someone who has been trolled, doing some basic research shows that often, these trolls are not the real deal. They try to shut me down because if my ideas gain traction, they are out of a job because their scam is over.

Tucker Carlson is in hot water and getting slagging for being a creep, and has been targeted multiple times, meaning this effort is choreographed and coordinated. He is not backing down.

And that is the best way with dealing with political operatives. They can go fuck themselves and stop using their little minions to try to psyche people out.

If you are not ashamed, then the controlling mechanisms have no effect, and then your detractors are fucked…

How do rich people make it? By bribing, blackmailing, stealing, cheating -- and ignoring the rules they make up to lull the gullible poor and middle class.

If you are stupid enough to think “socialism” will work, I have a newsflash: it is the wealthy who are funding that asshole dream to lull dumb little boys and girls into thinking they found a greed hack that will give them something for nothing.

There is one born every minute.

There is a scandal in the US because rich motherfuckers paid money to get their loser children into Ivy League schools.

Bribing and cheating so their brats get an inflated diploma as they pay people to do those tough homework assignments — and then they can crow how brilliant and successful — and superior their kids are.

It is the hopelessly vapid Middle Class who follow rules — and I don’t care if the rules from capitalism or socialism — they are so distracted by following rules thinking they fought the Hack To Life, that they never question who made up those rules — or why.

I earned all of my university degrees and certifications and paid my own way and got a scholarship. I took the hardest classes, and I made certain I educated myself. That takes work, but for the rich, they use feints and ruses, building up things with carny, tricking people, and then using brute force to get things they did not earn all while wearing a mask.

They discard masks and put on new ones: that’s the kicker. You have idiots who look for opposites in a Default Delusion, thinking that’s all it takes to Win At Life. The One Rule That Explains Everything is the biggest con modern society has going, and people who are not wealthy keep falling for the same trap over and over again.

No, you have the same brutes in suits putting on another mask and playing the same game with the same cowardly Middle Class who have no guts, stamina, or cunning to push a little more or a little harder.

This isn’t the first time this kind of scandal has happened — but it is the one that netted bigger names. Their children already have jobs lined up for them — meaning that in both work and school, they are taking the spots where truly gifted people could have been placed.

But that’s not the point. It is not about the best or brightest: it is about creating an illusion of best and brightest shilling propaganda, making people feel jealous and inferior — and then rigging the board to keep fleecing suckers who think those little paper crowns matter.

It doesn’t matter what political system you have — it will be the same cheaters who con their way because the sheeple will be too lazy and gullible to question things — and are conniving enough to think if they show support or adoration that they will be “rewarded” for their minionism.

It is a Sucker Circus. A freak show of manipulators fucking over the connivers, but when you have fear freezing people in place, the circus gets stale with its limited shenanigans and pathetic games.

And no, you can’t handle the truth…

It is all about the Benjamins. And journalism can't find the treasure chest no matter what they try.





For all the Trump-basing and champagne socialist fellating, journalism cannot catch a break.

Cuts and losses galore.

Socialists? Really? People who think they are entitled to slaves higher up the food chain than they are? They people who shove grampy and grammy in nursing homes so that they keel over and they can get their inheritance? And still play the lottery? Those motherfuckers?

They are trying appease the worst people: those who won’t spend money or actually bother supporting their product, and have no respect for people in other generations.

As a business strategy, that blows chunks.

Stop pandering to political zealots, and start reinventing the product to a classier demographic.

Because what is being done know is just dumbass and ineffective…

The Middle Class Waw-Waw: How to give away your socioeconomic standing the obvious way.




People ask me what fictional character I relate the most. This is a fairly easy answer.

Arthur Dietrich from Barney Miller.

He was also my favourite character on the show when I was a kid because this was a character with whom I could deeply relate.

He was low-key, scary smart, and had surreal untold adventures off work, but that’s not something people are going ever expect from a police officer.

A kindred spirit in that regard, but a little more flamboyant was another favourite of mine, Jennifer Marlowe from WKRP in Cincinnati.


Because the attractive receptionist isn’t supposed to rule the roost with the biggest salary.

But Arthur is more aligned with my experiences and personality.

His life is not supposed to trump one of a white collar worker in middle management.

And the white collar work in reality is not going to like feeling displaced in a pecking order.

If you have ever tried to talk about your accomplishments in certain circles, you will notice people will literally try to drown you out by talking loudly over you, and it even has a specific sound.

The Middle Class Waw-Waw.

It is the equivalent of sticking fingers in your ears and singing “la la la.”

Kids to the former, but the adults modify it slightly and do that latter.

If you want to know what social caste a group comes from, mention your accomplishments or the accomplishments of someone they just dissed.

It never fails.

Especially if the person isn’t someone you’d expect to be accomplished.

This is how people try to hide from the reality they don’t like.

It is childish, of course, but a dead giveaway to insecurities and petty jealousies…

Why did journalism collapse? Maybe because the whine the same old story.





Boo hoo!

Apparently, journalists and no one else on the planet are capable of keeping governments accountable. I mean, fuck social media, and all those whistleblowers and activist and watch groups.

They don’t count!

As journalists bemoan their obsolete status, they really over-inflate their worth, and paint a very distorted picture of their contributions.

Once upon a time, when there was no other way to tell the world what was going down, there were many important stories disseminated, but as time progressed, it became cheap and easy filler.

And then Internet came, and gave other people an outlet.

But we still hear the same lofty whines. It get obnoxious, but instead of using resources to try new things, those in the profession prefer to hold to the same old scripts.

No trailblazers in the profession, thank you very much. No pioneers. No one riding the wavelengths of the ortgeist and zeitgeist to see better ways…

Wait, that’s what I am doing, ha ha.

I’m just being ignored…

Woe is us: Journalism died because it needed to be reinvented. Stop lamenting its demise.

The Associated Press has a silly article that whines:

Town by town, local journalism is dying in plain sight

To put this in perspective, imagine you having symptoms that hint that you’re not well, and the doctor tells you that you need to get tests to find out what’s happening, and you dismiss it.

Then your symptoms get worse and one day, you collapse, and they rush you to the hospital where they conduct tests and they say you have cancer, but if you go through treatment, you can be cured.

And you deny that you are sick and you walk away because you are in denial that you are sick.

That’s journalism.

Do not weep about how it is dying. You had over two decades to make changes. You didn’t. Stop the wallowing.

I wrote books on the problem. I get ignored. Too bad for them.

It wouldn’t have taken that much to reinvigorate the profession. That’s the kicker, but there is nothing you can do when a sick profession are sticking their heads in the sand…

Fake news on fake news: Don't pin it on your ideological enemies. There is plenty of blame to go around.

Fox News Channel has this agitprop on their menu:

“Black Eye: Dan Rather and the Birth of Fake News”

That title is fake news itself.

Fake news has been going on long before 1968, too, Politico.

For as long as there has been communications, there has been propaganda.

That is not a “left” or “right” invention.

It is a people invention…

The Robo-journalism hornswaggle: AI is easy to manipulate, and why information gathering and dissemination is not for machines.




Gag me.

Robo-journalism “gaining traction” as if AI was reliable.

If you were worried about “fake news” before, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Fact-gathering is not a rote activity. It leans on the side of emotional intelligence than logic.

And no matter how good AI gets, it is missing an element that makes it vulnerable to this kind of undertaking.

And I ought to know.

When I was an undergraduate studying psychology, I took a course in AI (Connecitonism) and we had to train AI to recognize patterns.

While everyone else was focussed on teaching, I had different ideas.

Like tricking the system.

And it was child’s play. It was pathetically easy.

Salvador Dali paintings gave me inspiration on how simple it was to “break into” the logic of AI and make it bend to my will. I manipulated and exploited its weaknesses with absolute ease. Because the psych department had a computer room with about ten computers that no one used, I could literally compare different strategies on each one and have an opposite for comparison, and do this on my days off for ten hours straight.

My thesis advisor always knew where to find me.

So here is a teenaged girl with no supervision who had access to top-of-the-line AI software whose undergraduate thesis was in psychoacoustics and reality perception who also was researching war propaganda and evolutionary psychology sitting all day in front of ten computers testing how to manipulate Artificial Intelligence.

I was unleashed and being bombarded with revelations from every direction imaginable.

And once I learned the basics, I kept up over the years. I can recognize AI, and I also know how it is to game it, rig it, manipulate it, confused it, and see its weaknesses.

And I someone like Alexandra Kitty — who is an artist and author by trade — can do it, there are other people who can do it, too.

This is the absolute worst way imaginable to disseminate information. It is more shoddy than citizen journalism, or the old guard who never bothered improving their methods.

It is a scam.

And an epic one to boot…

1980s this is not: Passivity in an Age of Propaganda.



I grew up in the 1980s. It was an odd decade, but there are many elements that I am still happy to have inspired me. It was a breakthrough for a lot of things. It was upbeat. It was about confidence and flamboyance. It was eccentric, active, snarky, cocky, but also epic.

It was a decade that was an actual odyssey.

It was also whacked. Tele-evangelists were bullshitting the masses as they were becoming insanely rich on the backs of the poor. Greed was good. Excesses were seen as a wonderful thing. Extravagance was part of the culture.

Pop culture was crucial. You had monster acts, big movies, iconic television shows, and epic news stories. There was gravitas, and sometimes far too much of it. Everything seemed larger-than-life. We had Titans — even Teen Titans. It was all about breaking records and becoming a god on Earth.

There was more connect then than there is now, but it was a shallow kind that revolved around pop culture — artificial constructs.

You had social issues everywhere, from your denim jacket (I still have my old Hard Rock Cafe “Save the Planet” jacket I got in Florida) to comic books to soap operas (As the World Turns was on the vanguard of everything from feminism to interracial romance), and yet you had shows that strutted over the concept of excess, such as Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Magazines were important, particularly Tina Brown’s Vanity Fair. People magazine’s reviews were must-reads.

You had the Middle Class always mindful of the less fortunate, as they strived to be rich.

It was an optimistic decade. Donald Trump was envied and emulated. Michael Jackson was seen as a role model. Madonna was considered a feminist icon.

Rich singers warbled about helping the homeless in North America and the suffering in Africa.

For all of its insufferable faults, the 1980s was about being active. Physical activity, such as exercise, was dominant. Mental activity was, too. Self-help books were a real genre that was profitable.

That was then.

The 2010 decade is an entirely different ball of wax.

For one, it is whiny with its brand puritanical nagging that comes from the Left. In the 1980s, it was preachy puritanical nagging from the Right.

For another, it is very passive. The 1980s saw the world in terms of helping others directly or even better, helping yourself pull out.

The slacktivism in the decades are different. In the 1980s, it was buying music records or Hands Across America. That was seen as a legitimate way to permanently solve all of society’s ills.

Now, it is bitching like a jackass on Twitter or donating on GoFundMe, but with the same idea.

1980s were not defeatist. 2019 is nothing but defeatism with perfectly healthy, educated, and capable people in their 20s want a pension, which what Basic Income happens to be.

There is a decided sense of passive angry entitlement. Life is hard. Life is profoundly unfair.


Not the best picture of me, but who could say that inside my body at the time was ovarian cancer and I had not a single symptom or warning sign?

I was playing around with my new phone, taking that picture, resentful that the new filter erased my beauty mark, and made my already white skin look too white. I didn’t need the filtering, either, but I was griping about the limitation of my phone, not knowing that I had a time nuclear bomb inside my left ovary.

That’s life, where you have thoughts about trivial matters as bigger problems loom.

And yet I didn’t sit back and passively expect things. I looked after my mother at the same time as she had her own cancer to deal with, all while I had a huge gash on my stomach.

There was no They. There was no Them.

For all the problems of the 1980s, entitlement from a They wasn’t one of them. What can I do? What can we do?

Not, who is going to do things for me?

Much of it comes from having a passive Fourth Medium that is strictly me-centred by design.

The medium is more than just the message: its structure shapes the people who use it, as it shapes its propaganda to indoctrinate them.

When we are not aware of how rigs shape our thoughts, he begin to think those lies are divine truth.

And in an Age of Propaganda, when there is no effort, passivity shapes expectations.

It is unsustainable, but the lies the medium tells seems alluring all the same…

My name is Alexandra, not Cassandra.



But the mythical Cassandra and I have something in common.

We both have a knack for predicting certain things, and being bang on…and get ignored anyway.

I never claimed to be psychic, but I pay attention to patterns and observe things and have a very good memory for things.

And I am a realist. I don’t delude myself or see things as I wish for them to be, nor do I make excuses, but how they are, whether I like it or not, and usually not.

I don’t take pleasure in seeing my country getting its ass whipped the way it has, but it was inevitable.

Some people need a kick where it counts in order to see their situation.

And it is very frustrating…