2018: the year I got diagnosed with ovarian cancer...and beat the little motherfucker into oblivion. Now let me get back to making the world a kinder place, thank you very much.

Vice is the playground for morons.

This 2012 article is interesting in its sheer bullshittery:

Cancer Memoirs Are Breaking Out Like the Plague

The thing that motors cancer journalism, which makes it increasingly acceptable, even good, for hacks to tell all about the very darkest moments of their lives, is our craven culture of voyeurism. Nothing can remain private anymore, especially the bad...

Do you know why people write about their cancer?

Because it is a motherfucking trauma, you assholes!

And I ought to know.

What made my 2018 a bad year?

I keep telling you it was a horrible year, and now I will explain why if you didn’t read the title. I promised I would dish on myself; so here it goes.

It started when my mom got diagnosed with colorectal cancer. She had no symptoms, went for a routine check up, and got the bad news. She would need surgery. She took it well because after having to look after her dying mother, she was tough enough.

But then a couple of weeks later, I went to the doctor because I complained to myself about having an ingrown hair and she overheard me through the damned door. She panicked given her own condition, and wouldn’t stop nagging me until I went. The doctor knew why I was there, knew of my mother’s condition, and then, just to humour my mother, had me go get an ultrasound for my kidneys just to be “on the safe side.”

So here I was, a healthy woman with no symptoms going for a needless test…

And then the next thing I know, I get a call from the doctor, I need a blood test, and an appointment to a gynaecologist because there is a cyst on my left ovary.

I knew that was absolute bullshit. They got the results on a Thursday afternoon, tell me to go to the hospital for the test on Friday so that I can see the specialist on a Monday.

Nothing blares out, “You have cancer!” more than that.

And it was ovarian cancer. A serious, motherfucking cancer. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

It was an absolute shock. Three weeks after mom’s cancer diagnosis, came my own. No one in the family had either of those cancers, and mom is a vegetarian who was as low-risk for it as you can get for the one that she got.

They sent me for emergency surgery within two weeks. She put off her surgery until I had mine.

And it was grim. Everything blared that this was the fatal kind, and I had five years at the most. Mom did not take my diagnosis well at all. It was one tragedy too much, but while some people win the lottery twice, our family won cancer twice. Fuck that shit.

But my surgery went well. A benign tumour encased the cancer, which just started on the lining. I got it as early as you can get it. The moral of the story is to listen to your mother!

They got all of the cancer out. I needed no chemotherapy or radiation. I had a check up at six months and the ultrasound showed that I was fine as did my blood test. Footloose and cancer-free.

Mom finished her chemo. I looked after her three weeks after my surgery with my stomach still raw from the surgery. That was the hardest time of my life. I remember driving to the hospital to see her and having to walk a long distance to get there. Every step was pure agony, and I had no idea what was waiting for me when I got there. She got through it.

My oncologist started very grimly with me, and when she came to see me the day after my surgery, looked very happy. I was lucky. I wasn’t going to die.

But from being certain of life getting cut short to being back on track was not a smooth transition. You do a lot of thinking when you know you got struck with something so deadly.

But I wrote on my website the day of my surgery and continued the day I came home. My book promotion went down the drain, however. I gave interviews still uncertain if the cancer had spread or not.

So 2018 was the Cancer Year for me. There is just my mother and me, and we were both struck with a serious cancer at the same time.

When I told that to a book club meeting that featured my latest book, one of the members had the same thing happen to her: she got hit with cancer at the same time her mother had it. It is not unheard of, but extremely rare.

I remained stoic, but I did have one horrible night wondering how cruel can life be to one person. Why was it all so relentless? It was bad enough my mother got it, but for both of us? Why her? Why me? Were the gods trying to wipe us out of existence? Fuck them. How rude.

Most people would go on vacation after that ordeal: I signed up for a course at Harvard. I had no time to waste. Life is about leaving the world in better condition than you found it, and I have a mission to see through.

I have a big uneven scar on my stomach, and I wonder if I can infuse it with gold so I can Kintsugi myself. I think it would be very appropriate. Broken is better than new!

I lost an ovary for my troubles, but it gave all of its superpowers to the right one because I haven’t changed in certain regards at all. I am as hormonally-driven and red-blooded now as I was before. Go me!

I no longer live in my old house. I am in a transitional stage right now. Career-wise, I know what I want and need. I am waiting on my final mark so I can make the leap. As for my personal life, I am still musing and mulling. I have my declaration of singlependence, of course, but I need to find ways to weave things as I balance them.

After the last few years from the trauma of my grandmother’s final two years, a nasty car accident, to the double cancer battle, I went through too much. Way too much.

But I look at my wall of books with superhero figures and smile. I look at my pottery collection, antique furniture, and trophies of my achievements and know I didn’t squander my life so far.

I cannot believe I survived it all. My mother had to look after me after my surgery knowing she had cancer, and then I looked after her a couple of weeks later. Neither one of us have the same strength and fluidity thanks to that car accident, but we were soldiers and sisters-in-arms in the same bloody war that attacked us from the outside and the inside from both above and below, and left and right. The battle was for my core, and I am not giving that away. Forget it.

And fuck them all. Losers! I won, and I am going to enjoy every one of those spoils of victory. I earned them all with interest. I was stronger than I knew I was, and far more capable than most people would realize.

Yet I still love the Hives, Salvador Dali, and adore the Blue Beetle. Petite Fleur by Villeroy and Boch still rocks my world, baby!


So if Vice is too emotionally illiterate to know why people who had cancer unleash their trauma, then let the little motherfuckers wonder. They are just dumbass wankers, anyway.

People who know ask me how it felt because they get off on my observations, and I say I must have been winning all the Go matches with the heavens because I got saddled with a really big-assed handicap this last round. I won, I’m awesome enough to be the Supreme Goddess of the Omniverse, and I have informed the otherworldly that the game is a drag and I am not playing anymore. Life is too short to screw around with bullshit like that. I proved my worth: now pay up because there is interest attached.

I am out to make paradise now, thank you very much. I am as Edenic as I am Alchemic.

So stick that in your juice box and suck it, motherfuckers.

And that is your message from…


What makes a successful protest?






Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 7.05.12 PM.png


Everyone wants to play dress-up these days, as if the cosplay at a comic book convention or Halloween party is the logical place to look for it.

France had the gilets jaunes — the yellow vests. These were readily available and cheap, but it wasn’t the vests that made their country’s leader lose face.

The protestors never relented and they showed they meant business.

They are getting results.

The women on the Left in the US are not successful.

They march with their little hats and costumes, and keep losing ground.


For all the talk, there aren’t actual role models. Wonder Woman was created by a man who had his own little harem.

Peaceful people do not lie. They do not hide their feelings.

But you have to fight and put things on the line.

You must have beliefs and goals.

You invest and do not expect other people to “come around”.

Peace comes when the liars and tyrants understand that there are things not up for negotiation.

The biggest error came when Hillary Clinton ran for president. If there ever was a boneheaded choice, she was it.

If the Left truly meant business, find the angriest and cockiest woman and unleash her. Let her launch her campaign from a battered woman’s shelter.

You don’t take a self-entitled conniver to do a job of a warrior.

Robert F. Kennedy had the right idea. He didn’t pretend.


Do not pretend your life is everyone’s life. Clinton was the clueless limousine liberal who fucked up an easy job.

Because she lived in a fantasy bubble.

She protested nothing.

And that is what she got.

If women in the US want to progress, they have to stop acting like motherfucking fairy princesses playing dress up, and find a new method and madness that gets actual results…

The 36 Stratagems of War: Your simplest guide to understanding basic propaganda.

If you have ever wondered if there are anything out there to show you how liars, manipulators, and propagandists think, there is one old war manual that can give you some clues.

The 36 Stratagems of War. The rules can also be found here.

It is a list of ways you can lie to victory and beat an opponent, and lying, by its very nature, is an aggressive and psychically violent act.

Deception is a hostile act. Sun Tzu flat out stated that war is deception.

Peaceful people do not lie. People who want true solutions do not lie.

If you want to win an argument and you tell a lie, you do not want a solution: you want to impose your will on another. You want the other to submit and lose their free will and voice and you take the spoils all for yourself as you dictate the confines of an environment that is rigged in your favour. You do not want cooperation to create mutually beneficial solutions with long-term viability.

The 36 Stratagems is the guide to win a war by deception.

If we plug in variables into each stratagem, we can see how we are possibly being deceived.

For example:

Make a sound in the east, then strike in the west

Meaning the attack is a misdirection to keep attention away from the real goal. If a political party, business, or media outlet are focussed too much on one person or issue, why are they insisting on attention being paid to a single entity? What are they hoping people do not notice?


Create something from nothing

Does a con man boast too much? What is the actual goods? Is it real? Is it just hype?

Hide a knife behind a smile

Is someone a little too concerned about you and your group? Are they positioning you to become a pawn so that they do not have to sacrifice anyone, banking on your gratitude?

Tossing out a brick to get a jade gem

Is someone deliberately putting out wrong or stupid comments, hoping you will give them ideas they can steal?

Once we use the Stratagems as a guide, we can start to break the fortresses of lies. It is not a foolproof way of doing so, but it is an excellent starting point...

Know your propaganda! Part One: There is never any bad news in Canada.


If you are a first generation citizen of any country, you find yourself in an interesting position. You are both, but that means that you are neither. You don’t get indoctrinated in your birth country because the influence of the one of your parents keeps you in check.

And you are too far away from the influence of the old country to completely buy their propaganda.

You soon learn each country has its own logic, delusions, and propaganda. It is always the same old story over and over again.

There is a very good book called The Complacent Class and its thesis is that we need to migrate.

It’s true. When you are moving, nomadic, and circulating, you are active in your thinking and you are exposed to various idiosyncrasies of thought.

The problem with the Western castes is that they are static and stay in place, and this has many consequences, and the biggest one is that you become a pigeon ripe for propaganda.

You have to circulate, go beyond your in-group and comfort zone, and challenge your own beliefs.

But true migration is a rarity. People immediately create little villages of their own in-groups, which is not a good thing. You are keeping your collective delusions and sanctioned insanity in place.

And it is the same with Middle Class morons who vacation with tour guides and groups: you are still holding each other’s tiny little balls for comfort instead of breaking away from your in-group.

I never travel by plan or by group. I don’t even pack a suitcase. I just go. I jump in and break away to immerse myself.

It’s why I can always mesh in with others with ease. I have no inhibitions or expectations. I don’t preach. I don’t impose. I don’t judge.

But I can observe. I can experiment. I can compare and contrast.

When you stick with your in-group, you no longer have any other group that offer you other perspectives and interpretations. You start to think sanctioned insanity is divine. You start making up rituals as a misdirections, trying to keep reality out of your mind. You stop questioning your surroundings or your authorities.

Governments love stagnation. They ca tell you that your squalor is glorious and you will buy it.

I noticed in the last few months that at least one person in Hamilton keeps writing feel-good crap in the worst parts of town. “It will all work out in the end!” “Good things are coming!” It started with printed black and white messages attached to telephone polls, but now it is colourful paper in bad areas that have been bad for decades. Your decrees do not change the conditions. These people are stuck in this squalor and they cannot get out.

All this person is doing is trying to convince people of a lie because they themselves cannot face a truth.

But I am not surprised this ritualistic delusion is happening in Canada.


Canada and the United States are nothing alike. Americans are the braver of the bunch in that their propaganda is all about the negatives that need work. Here is a problem that is destroying us! We will come up with the solution and save the world!

It is aggressive, but it is used to encourage innovation and invention. They are the place of resurrections, comebacks, and second chances. You can fuck up, but if you are contrite, you can atone, and come back swinging. They make mistakes, but they admit to making them and improving. Their narrative may be flawed, but it is constructed with the purpose of progressing.

Canada is not of the same ilk. They come from the idea that they are without flaw. The government will make an inconvenience go away and rescue them. Karma will take care of the rest.

Canada is the way of the Fairy Princess.


Unlike the US that is one of the Hero’s Journey.


These divergent strategies explain why the US is far more powerful than Canada — more than a mere ten times more powerful given that we have one tenth their population. If the US is Silver Age Superman, then Canada is Silver Age Lois Lane.


So long as no real crisis hits, you can get away with this kind of groupthink.

But when things change and you are unprepared, the narrative starts to become more glaring and disconnected from the reality of evidence.

We have CBC half-assed wondering what is Canada’s place in a chaotic world. If you have to ask, then you have none. You have no vision; hence no plan because you think everything is going to work itself out in the end, and now that this strategy is backfiring on us, we have a nation scrambling.

But that would rock the boat, so we cannot entertain the notion that we made a mistake.

We pretend we can play tough with stronger nations, which is a strategic declassification of select documents. The end result was that Canada failed to achieve anything.

We have a press always looking for karma to “punish” those who do not applaud us, and yet they still march on thriving.

We even have simplistic xenophobic propaganda that others are trying to brainwash us — without so much as wonder how our own governments and media have been doing the same to us.

To be an intelligent reader is to understand we are more likely to be harmed by our own in-group than outsiders.

Canada is at the edge of an interesting and unprecedented crisis that we have no previous experience in dealing with, no expertise in understanding, no allies should we fall into the pit, and no clue of what is approaching.

The former Yugoslavia imploded because they had no vision, no plan, and no understanding that life isn’t a fairytale.

Canada is about to learn the same lesson in a different way — yet we have no fresh perspectives because we think we are about flaw, have calvary at our beck and call, and it will all work itself out in the end.

Perhaps, but how things work themselves out isn’t a given, nor does the phrase remotely imply that they will work out for the best…

They dropped the ball way before tonight!

This is a photo op piece of PR propaganda:

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 3.59.08 PM.png

The holier-than-thou martyrdom is classic psychopath baiting, but face it: these goobers dropped the ball long before tonight, and it is an apt backfire to mark the rot of the profession.


2019 will usher in the alternative to journalism. Out with the rot of the old, and in with roar of the new!


Toronto Star's patronization campaign: We're not wrong. You're just stupid. Journalistic negging as a propaganda strategy.

One of the worst newspapers in terms of spreading meta-propaganda is the Toronto Star.

They are absolutely relentless, like bible thumpers.

While many journalist vehicles settle for a war strategy, the Star uses fanatical religious strategy, with dash of pick-up artistry.

I worked as a journalist. I wrote about journalism. I wrote about the Toronto Star. I have recounted before how their one-time managing editor Jim Travers lied to my editors at Presstime, accusing me of making up quotes, forgetting that I tape recorded the entire interview with his express permission. They got my tape, took my side, and told him they confirmed that what I quoted was what he said and in context. I did nothing wrong, he told them he would call to apologize to me — and never did.

But the Star is very image-conscious. They have cultivated a fortress that hides the true rot inside. Sometimes the rot comes out, but they preach so loudly that they hope to drown things out.

People like me do not fall for it.

Toronto Star tries to use every cosmetic tool under the sun to hide the fact they are not what they preach to be, and try to cut off criticism off at the pass, but their arrogance keeps getting in the way.

Let’s take a look this propagandistic column:

What readers should know about journalism

So, right off the bat, they have, like other cults and religions, created a pecking order. You don’t “know” journalism, and now the preacher will sing the gospel to you:

Study after study on trust in journalism points to an “understanding gap” between journalists and their readers.

They are manipulating readers from the first sentence: we have nebulous and un-empirical “studies” to show that readers are just too stupid to understand journalism.

This is more than just a pecking order: this is a brazen act of negging.

Pick-up artists use it to aim for a woman who is out of their league, and then knock them down a few pegs by making her question herself.

No genuine information provider would produce something so manipulative — the headline and first sentence alone betrays something far more malicious than what is presented.

This is no different than cult literature.

People understand journalism. It is not a complicated product.

People have no use for a gate-keeper anymore. They left because they found sound better.

But the Star hopes people turn back and come back.

The reason we have cultish publications such as the Star is that the structure of journalism actively fosters such Us Versus Them thinking. They are isolated in their little compounds called newsrooms. They have pecking orders. It is a very abusive and stagnate environment.

I understand journalism. I worked in it, wrote about it, studied it, and wrote books about it for two different publishers in two different countries on two different continents.

The cult of the Star is rapidly eroding, and not even a government bailout will change their fortunes, not in 2019, and not ever.

They will keep trying to position themselves as being intellectually and morally superior to their pigeons — but it is an old ruse, and one that no longer is working for them…

Rules for Radicals: the war manual for poor people. Not limousine liberals. Not champagne socialists. Just poor.



Saul Alinsky was a forerunner to Method Research. He tested out his theories in the real world by walking among his subjects, but his was a post-hoc version of it, yet his results ended up being a book called Rules for Radicals.

His rules?

  1. "Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have."

  2. "Never go outside the expertise of your people."

  3. "Whenever possible go outside the expertise of the enemy."

  4. "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules."

  5. "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon."

  6. "A good tactic is one your people enjoy."

  7. "A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag."

  8. "Keep the pressure on."

  9. "The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself."

  10. "The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition."

  11. "If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside."

  12. "The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative."

  13. "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

Simple. Effective. Elegant.

But they are not universal.

They work, but they are highly misapplied these days and misunderstood.

The Right hate Alinsky. The Left think they own those rules.

Both are silly and hopelessly wrong.

Alinsky’s rules were not partisan-based. They were class-based. They had failsafes to prevent rich motherfuckers from using them against poor people as it gave poor people a chance to crawl out of the hole the wealthy dug to kick their competition in to bury them.

Alinsky was very careful. He didn’t call his book a war manual or a guide for the poor. He wanted to energize this broken demographic, realign their perceptions, and give them a narrative to give them the power and incentive to push forward. It is not called “Rules for Poor People” after all, but “Rules for Radicals.”

They are very effective in many ways, but the Left ideologically appropriated them.

To understand how badly the Left fucked this war manual up, let’s look at another movement that was short lived, but extremely effective: Art Nouveau, or Jugenstil.


Art Nouveau lasted about twenty years, and for an art movement, it was very short.

It began when a bunch of young European male artists couldn’t break through from the Establishment artists.

They wrote manifestos, and all but declared war on those rich bastards.

They had a plan: they made art of mundane objects, from furniture to posters to jewelry to lamps to buildings. They found a new market and niche, and were daring.

Eventually, those swaggering turks broke through, and abandoned the movement.


Mission accomplished. They went on with their careers and lives. The end.

Those in the movement understood the purpose of their movement, the ultimate goal, and that once they broke through, the movement was to be discarded because it no longer applied to them.

You mature. You go on to the next level of success that requires different strategies from the ones you needed once you arrived and delivered.

The American Left have never gotten this memo.

In the 1960s and 1970s, they used the rules and broke through.

But then kept using the rules they ideologically appropriated with diminishing returns.

These rules are not Left going after Right. In fact, if rich Left people go after poor Right people, the rules turn on them.

Every single one of these rules are for the Davids in the David and Goliath battles. Plug in the variables and do the math yourself. A rich person ridiculing poor people? Do the optics play well?

Of course not.

How does a rich person demand a poor person live up to their own rules when they are too busy surviving and protecting their children from a life of destitution?

Easy for a rich asshole to do things with a staff looking after their brats. That’s the reason Alinsky said for the poor to force the hands of the rich: show they are hypocrites even though they have no excuse in the world to be hypocrites, and you break the spell of perfection.

And if the rich use their resources to trample the poor? You become a global pariah.

These rules are not meant for the rich because they make them look like psychopaths.

But the same standards don’t apply when you are poor because someone who is rich is keeping you back and down.

So when rich Leftist Hillary Clinton called poor people who wanted to vote for her rival a basket of deplorables, she was using Alinsky logic, forgetting that she was not poor and they were.

She radicalized the poor Right the way Alinsky radicalized the poor Left — the difference being she didn’t intend to do that, and Alinsky did. That is her legacy and she alone owns it. For someone whose undergraduate thesis was on Alinsky, she has no feel for it.

The wealthy Left keep using Alinsky and it is increasingly backfiring. They couldn’t stop Donald Trump with it. They aimed lower and then couldn’t stop Brett Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court judge.

They failed to sink Fox News because the FNC targets poorer people on the Right — giving them all sorts of scapegoats why their lives went off the rails. I recounted this in my second book OutFoxed in detail.

The limousine liberals and champagne socialists are stuck in a time warp where they think they are the fringe outsider rebels and radicals.

Don’t fucking delude yourselves, assholes.

You are the Establishment.

If you have an Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Grammy, or Golden Globe somewhere in your house, you are the Man.

If you have graced a cover of a national or international magazine, you are the Man.

If you are a politician, actor, singer, media owner, fashion designer, current or former cast member of Saturday Night Live, or corporate executive, motherfucker, you are the Man.

Fuck you.

Don’t try to use the Rules for Radicals when you are the Man.

You are a rich bastard. You can retire the war manual. Saul Alinsky called from Eden and he says to put the book away, and stop using it on poor people because you are not poor.

Stop using the rules against poor Right people. Stop using the rules to exploit and co-opt the poor Left people.

It is time for someone to finally use those rules on you.

Experience has made you rich, to paraphrase a song.

And now they are after you…

CNN's propaganda strategy: Gaslighting as an abusive ex-spouse. A case study of Reliable Sources.



Dangerous Woman was a song and album that came out in 2016.

My venture A Dangerous Woman Story Studio came out in 2013.

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 3.39.32 PM.png

So when people make the assumption that I called this A Dangerous Woman based on the song, I say, “NIce try, you dumbass motherfucker. I predate it by three years.”

I am not impressed with people assuming that I am the follower, just as I am not impressed when people talk about there not being a feminist Intercept when I had it years before the actual Intercept.

So Grande is not only unoriginal, the “dangerous woman” label nowhere near fits the goods.

There was a terrorist attack during her concert in Manchester, she didn’t explode herself or show anything other than timidity.

A dangerous woman would have not just produced a “fuck you” album, she would have done a lot more things to upset the Establishment.

She gets disrespected at Aretha Frankin’s funeral and just took it. She should have whacked him one, and reminded him, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” or he’d find out what happens when you fuck around with a dangerous woman.

And as an aside, when my time comes, and someone does something disrespectful to you at my Viking funeral, please kick them in the balls as hard as you can, and call them “motherfucker” from the top of your lungs, even if we were besties and my death wounds you deeply, and the whole wide world is watching. You can even give them the finger. Calling them an asshole or picko jedna for good measure is a classy and dainty touch. I will be wholeheartedly cheering you on from Eden if you do. Don’t use my death as an excuse to allow bullshittery to go unpunished. Fuck that shit.

But in the communications industries, what you see on the label isn’t what you actually get: you are told this entity represents X, when it represents Y.

We see this in the entertainment industry, especially when they proclaim to have “strong women” or “feminist” characters. It is utter and total bullshit. You cannot have a singer who is rail-thin, in a mock Playboy bunny outfit, and living up to every stereotype of a typical starlet be a “dangerous woman.” She defies no conventions. She adds nothing new to the discourse. She creates no new genre or message.

She isn’t a dangerous woman. She is a popular singer. She can carry a tune. She may be ambitious, but you do not have to be a feminist or a dangerous woman to be ambitious.

But it isn’t just Hollywood that misdirects attention with bombast and empty promises.

It is journalism, too.


Because journalism is trying to fight for its existence a day late and a dollar short, they are going for a melodramatic propaganda campaign that is holier-than-thou and self-aggrandizing.

Just like the psychopath ex you dumped who tells you that you cannot live with them.

There is a lot of gaslighting and a narrative where they are the selfless martyr who has to risk their lives for you, even though there is no evidence of it.

I doubt this will be their propaganda campaign in 2019 because it is not working.

But let’s break down how journalistic gaslighting works as their is the least sophisticated version of it.

And to keep things even simpler, let’s take a look at CNN’s journalistic meta-propaganda tool, a show about journalism called, ha ha, Reliable Sources, which is anything but reliable.

Mind you, once upon a time, this was a very good show. When Howard Kurtz and Bernard Kalb were hosting it. They actually did take a critical look at their own profession, had very smart and good interviews, and had good information and perspective.

Now, it is just plain garbage and bullshit used to propagate a self-serving narrative that journalism is the abusive ex you cannot live without.

Puke, puke.

So what propaganda is Reliable Sourced puking?

Well, the episode I saw today was the martyr bullshit story about how it was a “record” year of threats against journalists, which is nonsense. There really isn’t any reliable stats out there. After all, as a journalist, I got my share of various threats, and not one made it to any list of database, and we have had years where people such as Daniel Pearl, Chauncey Bailey, and Jill Dando were killed on the job as a direct result of doing their job.

Even if we were to look at stats, let’s not fall into a confirmation bias of looking at a single profession in a vacuum.

I bet it is more dangerous to live in Chicago than be a journalist.

Or someone on a cruise ship.

Or an aid worker in a war zone.

Or a US high school student.

I bet more nurses in Hamilton get harmed on the job in one year than the entire profession of journalism in a decade.

Or firefighters, police, and high school teachers because while I never met a reporter who got assaulted on the job, I know several teachers that did. I had a student in one of my college classes that I found later had beat another professor. I witnessed a classmate in the second grade throw a desk at my teacher and broke her leg.

How many first responders died on 9/11, compared to a single photographer who was killed by falling debris? (there were a few non-journalists who worked for broadcasters who were killed, but they weren’t targeted per se or killed covering the event — and you cannot compare them to the people who died saving others).

So when we start to do apples to apples comparison, journalism comes off as a very safe profession. Covering the sex life of Ariana Grande is not actually dangerous.

So it is safe to say journalists aren’t sticking out their necks for you.

They may be sticking their necks out lying, and their editors get fired for it when it gets exposed, yeah.

It isn’t as if journalists don’t die, but it is often from a domestic meltdown, a murderer who knows nothing of their profession, illness, or a drug overdose.

That happens to everybody.

But that is not the only sneaky things we see: trying to discredit critics by accusing them of having “fake” complaints" is rich and a typical gaslighting ruse.

I wonder if Fixpoetry is so cocky now that they ignored my warnings from the latest book and their nation’s most well-regarded newsmagazine published a whack of lies for years.

And no, Haaretz, journalism’s problems have nothing to do with “technological” shifts or having a hand’s off approach to so-called “rising stars”: they just never bothered with empirical methods. You don’t need an army of fact-checkers: you need empiricism. If you read my first book, you would have seen how many cases of fraud there was in all sorts of times and places — whether or not there was a photographer present.

There was a photographer present for this lie, Haaretz.


So here is a profession that never owns up to their problems are bothers to investigate their source. They take wild and unscientific guesses, but always fall back to trying to scare and gaslight people into trusting them.

Nice try.

But you fucked up your profession, and it screams the truth no matter how your try to manipulate the people who have abandoned you…

Matriarchal Storytelling is the reality of sound.




When I began A Dangerous Woman, I had more than just a vision, but also a plan: to reflect the structure of reality in my stories. Much of my life is in those works, but not always in obvious places: Verity Lake’s area of study was my undergraduate thesis, and her stage “act” in the beginning of the novel Dr. Verity Lake’s Journey of a Thousand Revelations is something that happened to me in real life that served as more than just a personal revelation about the nature of reality, but became the backbone for Matriarchal Storytelling.

When I was fifteen, I had my ears tucked. They stuck out just enough for my mother to make comments for me not to wear a ponytail, and then I took the dramatic route and went for cosmetic surgery. I had to wear a huge bandage on my head for a few weeks, but when they came off, something strange happened.

Sound didn’t sound normal. Voices sounded staccato, broken, bouncing off the walls, tinny, and filled with echoes.

For about a minute.

And then suddenly all these disjointed chords pulled together and it sounded normal again.

This shocked me. I never thought about it before.

What if “normal” sound wasn’t reality? What if that abnormal sound was the reality — and the real thing, and our brains “trick” us into pulling them together?

It stayed with me. My undergraduate thesis was in psychoacoustics, and eventually, Dr. Lake’s signature act to prove that how we perceive reality isn’t the actual reality.


After I became a journalist, I realized that revelation extended to my chosen profession. You read a novel and it is smooth, like the sound you perceive, but that smooth flow is something you read in a newspaper article, too.

But that is not unfiltered and raw reality. That is constructed reality.

When I write a news story, for instance, that’s not what I am given.

I have to interview people. I have to corroborate what they say. I have to find evidence, research, context, and a bunch of other things that I have to dig for, such as court transcripts, high school yearbooks, eyewitnesses, memos, transcripts, and social media feeds.

And then after piecing things together, you get that nice, easy, and smooth story.

But if I were to replace the writing with the information I got in order to write it, it wouldn’t be so smooth and obvious. There would tangents and other things mixed in. There would be irrelevant information, and even contradictory information.

When I did Chaser Investigative News over a decade ago, I included the raw information — and told readers what I was doing and going with it.

In other words, I presented the raw reality of the story as I showed the process of harmonizing things.

Like sound. Your brain filters out the extraneous and irrelevant parts and harmonizes it so you don’t get too distracted.

But people take that process for granted, and then become stupid little motherfuckers who think the reality is the smooth, not the fragmented.

And when you do that, you are lying to yourself. Unless you are aware of the harmonization, you get lost because all of your calculations will be off, and you always miss the mark and not solve the problems because you take off the table the one thing that has to be on the table: that there are things that you are overlooking or taking for granted.

You have to account for the differences between reality and the perception of reality.

Before I launched the original Chaser, I wrote an anthology of short stories called Consumer-isms in 12 Easy Steps.

And many of those stories were told in an epistolary style — no narrative, but through voice mails, emails, memos, and raw data where the reader had to piece together the story.

They way I had to do it as a journalist.


That book and my web site would eventually inspire A Dangerous Woman Story Studio where I would have both the smooth perceptions of individual stories, but with the raw reality of having intersecting stories. Supporting characters in one series were main characters in another. Passing references in one novel where the focus on a short story elsewhere.

Just like real life.

It mimicked the reality of sound as well as our perceptions of it.

The chords can be fragmented or sing in harmony, depending on what you listen to and how you pull those chords together.

Magnus Lyme is the root note, while Holly Lake is the melody note, and third character is the third note. It all depends on what you hear, and what notes you happen to catch.

And we see Magnus through different eras of her life that come in waves. These stories do not have to be read in order, and there are advantages to not reading them in any particular order. You are putting together a literary jigsaw puzzle, and the pieces come from all over the place.

It doesn’t matter which piece you pick up first: sooner or later the big picture emerges.

That is the advantage of the Matriarchal: you don’t have to be a slave to linearity or order. Chaos will get you there just the same, with greater advantages that teach you how to break the shackles that serve as blinders by learning to develop other senses.

That is the triumph of the Matriarchal, and that is the reason I write my stories in any order my heart feels a need and want to express…

Notice how people notice bad things only when it happens to them?


Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 8.28.38 AM.png


A paranoid press is making this sound as if this kind of cyber-fucking is just happening to them.

Not at all. It is common.

This kind of warfare happens in every sector of society, and all of the time.

But watch the press try to spin this as some sort of assault on the press, the way they have been spinning the death of Jamal Khashoggi as the same thing despite evidence to the contrary that even some others in the profession acknowledge, albeit far later than others have, including me.

It is navel-gazing and an attempt at making people think they need to go back to an old, abusive spouse because he got mugged.

What we have is lousy cyber-security. We have vested-interests who take advantage of it because citizens — and that lazy press — don’t exactly make real demands or ask important questions…

Intellectual Gesamtkunstwerk: Creating the visionary's matriarchal scaffolding.







I took an Art Nouveau course from Oxford University. Loved it lots for many reasons, but how often do you get to write Gesamtkunstwerk?

It is a clever concept. It is a visionary’s concept. It is a world building concept and a creator’s concept.

Build from scratch from the ground up. You are the clock. You are the compass. You design the structure and then the content.

The world is your canvas, and it is part consilience, part art, part science, and part engineering.

We often think of it in terms of art movements, but using it as an inspiration to create an intellectual scaffolding is something to consider.

I have when I created F.R.E.E.D. and refined and codified Matriarchal Storytelling.

We don’t have that kind of visionary thinking for journalism, and it is the reason I am doing what I am doing. Creating alternatives.

Everything is very patriarchal, and while Gesamtkunstwerk can imply creating everything to fall into The One, we can also create mosaics of the Infinite with them. We are not tethered by it, and the concept in no way places any kind of blinders.

We come with the blinders.

And it is funny that we speak of blinders as if that were an excuse: we may have blinders, but what about our other senses? Why are they not telling us important information?


We are not tethered.

And yet we hold on to disposable ideas as we are held back.

That’s why you get manipulated and played.

Instead of doing an intellectual inventory, weaving new facts into a latticework of ideas as we discard those that have been proven faulty, people hoard bullshit.

And then think shutting their eyes will make the evidence go away.

You don’t have to see it, but hear it or feel it.

What I am doing is building a scaffolding for information. I discussed one sector of it — journalism, and to a lesser extent, patriarchal fiction.

Now I am moving on to strategy.

The point is to use more than one sense to gather information.

And getting rid of any and all excuses to build new worlds and to find the big picture…

"The Inevitability of Impeachment" = The Inevitability of Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential Campaign. How the New York Times sticks to the same propaganda.






Trump's futile war against the media

The Republican nominee appears locked in with his losing strategy

By: Allan Levine
Posted: 10/12/2016 12:36 PM


Historically Conservative Ohio Newspapers Endorse Hillary Clinton

October 31, 20164:15 PM ET


Hillary Clinton for President

Hillary Clinton for President



The Inevitability of Impeachment


My favourite film is an obscure Carey Grant number called People Will Talk. It is an old film, but reminds me a lot of our neo-Victorian age. Grant is Dr. Noah Praetorius, a doctor who blows into town. His students love him, as do his patients.

It is everyone else who thinks he is too unorthodox and the judgemental people in town just want to take him down, particularly a rival professor, and he plays dirty in trying to bring charges against him.

The press have been playing that sick game with Trump since he declared his intention to run for president.

They have been trying the same gambit — and one that they have no business doing. They are to report facts, not try to rig things so their decrees are adhered to by others.

They decreed that Hillary Clinton would be president. They were wrong. My latest book explains why this meant the profession of journalism is over.

Now they are trying to up the ante and go for impeachment, hoping that Trump will resign.

The New York Times is trying that gambit. I would not be surprised if the Times ends up in a scandal in 2019 having to fight for its own existence.

Doing the same propagandistic thing and expecting a different outcome is a strong hint they have sins in their vault that they know will get exposed and soon.

As the press is in even a weaker position than they were pre-November 2016, it is becoming more difficult to try to regain what they squandered.

As I have repeatedly said, Trump took advantage of an opportunity. He knows who he is dealing with. He is absolutely right in calling the press “fake news.” They are. They have been for a long time.

But he didn’t make that bed. Journalists and their overlords made it. Now they are trying to cover up their sins by getting rid of a president they know will win a second term. The more they go after him, the more of their own weaknesses show.

And the damage is already done.

That is the reason I am starting Chaser: let’s move away from this pathetic spectacle of deceit and propaganda. Let’s make finding facts a priority escapade and mandate.

Because this bullshit isn’t working and citizens don’t need to be patronized or bullied by the press…

Basic Income: A leftist corporate idea with the longevity of Hands Across America. Or Band Aid.



Do they know it's Christmastime at all?

Feed the world
Feed the world
Feed the world 
Let them know it's Christmastime again 


Considering the target of the song weren’t Christians, it wasn’t their Christmas.

But it felt so good that getting entertained could save the world!


The supergroup was appropriately named “Band Aid”: as in offering a bandaid solution to a serious problem.

This was one of the origins of slacktivism: do not get inconvenienced, but do the same thing, and expect a different outcome.

Throw some money at the problem without actually facing the reason why there is a problem in the first place.

It is classic limousine liberalism, and champagne socialism. It is feel-good and do-nothing, but people get awards and prestige on bullshit.

It is all in the packaging.

Basic Income is of the same ilk: Big Tech want to sell widgets and do away with having to pay humans. So they replace humans with machines, but those humans will end up on the street.

Well, they are on the streets, living in their cars, working full-time for Big Tech, anyway.

So how to sweep this harrowing problem under the rug and still bribe the public into not getting appropriately disturbed?

Feed them a bullshit story called Basic Income.

We will give you free money. You don’t have to work. We will pay you to go away…

On second thought, we will lobby the government to give you free money to shove off.

Here is MIT Technology Review getting shocked that this scam isn’t working:

Back in June we declared, “Basic income could work—if you do it Canada style.” We talked to the people on the ground getting the checks in Ontario’s 4,000-person test and saw how it was changing the community. Then, just two months later, it was announced that the program is ending in the new year rather than running for three years. The last checks will be delivered to participants in March 2019.

They banked on Canada — a country that is nothing like the US — being successful with the scam so the Leftist Big Tech could use us as part of their propaganda campaign.

You do not want to “do it” Canada-style. It didn’t work for numerous and obvious reasons: for one, the provincial government was in the red like no other non-sovereign entity in the world: there was no way this could last very long.

Second, it tore down the ruling Leftist party because it split the vote: Basic Income is too basic, and people are competitive, always wanting more money. The NDP made big promises, and so, the vote was split and the Conservatives won and did away with it, knowing full well that it wasn’t sustainable and they weren’t losing any votes cutting it off.

You cannot just throw money in a black hole and get no return. You invest, and you get something in return. Basic Income doesn’t require people to work, and that is its fatal flaw. There is no incentive for people to get a job.

It goes against human nature: we were made to work. You plant seeds, and the seeds bring plants the clean the air, and food that nourishes people and animals. Basic Income is like throwing seeds down the drain.

And Basic Income is not for the convenience of the poor. It is for the convenience of the rich: they cannot justify their billions when there is too much homelessness on their account: get the government to throw pennies, people will be grateful, and you can go on being a robber baron.

Band Aid didn’t stop starvation. Hands Across America didn’t make a dent.

Basic Income is a Leftist corporate invention used to ward off criticism of their super-rich.

The focus should be on education, and those robber barons being better monitored as we remind them that true capitalism is the system where labor is respected.

And, perhaps most importantly of all, we stop selling people a bill of goods that they can be rich and famous on doing nothing. We don’t have teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, or engineers who are revered as much as people who mug on social media or go on “reality shows.” So people don’t apply themselves, and when their prefab fantasies bring them nowhere, they want a pension at twenty.

Basic Income is a deflection strategy so people do not get angry too soon before the architects of their ruin can form an exit strategy and get themselves out of the hot seat before people clue in to their ruses…

More jive turkey from the federal Liberals.

Justin Trudeau seems to be hellbent on getting replaced by Andrew Scheer.

This is not something a real strategist would say:

Trudeau says it’s worth ‘pointing out’ similarities between Scheer and Harper

You mean Scheer will bring back the good old days when Canada was highly respected, got deals done that benefitted the country, and did not gratuitously offend countries around the world that have clout?

This meme poster has been making the rounds on Facebook:


Many Canadians would love nothing more than to take a time machine back to that simpler era, and if Andrew Scheer represents a happier time in Canadian history, they will be more than happy to go for the ride, especially the beggars that are now a common presence in the voter-rich Golden Horseshoe.

If you want to do free advertising for a rival and compare him to a highly-respected predecessor, then I am certain the federal Tories will be absolutely thrilled that the jive turkey is doing their work for them.

And it is highly disrespectful to think that someone who doesn’t think the same way you do isn’t respected. I was not a fan of Harper’s, but his status among the conservative base has gone up, not down since Trudeau took office.

I remember NDP leader Tom Mulcair’s concession speech — he also gave warning, and he, too was right on the money.

At this rate, all Sheer will have to do is just show up and keep quiet as his competitor does all the work for him…

2019 brings a shift in focus.

As I have mentioned before, what is popular on this site and what happens to be my focus are two different things. If I talk about journalism — which is critical — then I don’t get that much traffic.

If I talk about strategy — which is also critical, but not what I am known for — then I get more traffic and more people coming here and staying.

To those of you, thank you.

We can see the in-fighting in journalism. The Wall Street Journal bringing the Washington Post to task for their propaganda.

And it is propaganda. There was a war against journalism, but journalism is no better with their war against democracy. Media stocks are not seeing a lift from their little raging wars, but a tumble, yet it isn’t stopping them in the slightest.

So what does that mean for this website?

Chaser is going to re-invent information dissemination.


A Dangerous Woman is going to continue to do storytelling differently.


But those aren’t the kinds of content I can produce every single day.

I’m bootstrapping, remember?

I am an army of one woman. No staff. No fabulously wealthy benefactors I have to appease.

So as I shift away from the old journalism, I am going to focus on strategy.


And how propaganda and manipulation are misdirecting collective thought away from critical thinking and free will with hate, fear-mongering, and ruses.

I will mention how certain articles are trying to rig thinking.

But also how to expand your options and outcomes with considering options that are hidden and suppressed.

I will be running down various war strategies, and recommend books and articles.

You know mine, but as I have ten Ikea shelves worth of books — and counting — filled with all sorts of reading, this will be your go-to place for it. It will be your reality check when you are tempted to let others do your thinking for you.

With anarchy coming because the Establishment failed to manipulate enough people to vote the way they wanted in 2016, the big guns are all over the place, this is the place that gives you sensibility in an impossibly ill-behaved world.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 9.53.40 PM.png

I already know who is reading me. I might as well give them something to talk about…

When you have those cock-sucking motherfuckers thinking they can bomb people into submission, they should realize not everyone rolls that way.

So, for all the gaslighting, puritanical shaming, and the like, let’s not fall for that bullshit in 2019.

Let those lazy Establishment fuckers earn their keep for once.


The Chaser Solution: Epilogue: おもいやり, baby!


Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 8.18.33 PM.png













Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 9.19.50 PM.png


Omoiyari. What a quaint notion. The idea of altruism. It is a not a notion taught in j-schools, but it is one I abide by because if you are in the business to teach and/or inform, that has to be your guiding motive.

Because knowledge is one of those things you give without losing it yourself.

So long as you understand that it is something without strings attached.

Too bad journalists never learned that lesson.

The Toronto Star never did, judging by this article with the link stating this:

Donald Trump has made at least 3,924 false claims so far in his presidency. The Star's Daniel Dale counted

How many lies did the Canadian PM make? How many did the Star?

How many secrets did the federal regime keep from the public? How many did the Star?

They both had a mutual secret that got exposed recently.

And it is a very treacherous one that is, in fact, scandalous.

But both the Star and the federal Grits are in serious trouble. That magic weed isn’t doing its trick, and the gullible rubes at the Globe and Mail think they know something, but they are morons.

Journalists failure to understand おもいやり has cost them their clout.

A profession thrives and progresses so long as it has innocence and idealism, from education to medicine to journalism.

When you allow psychopaths to infiltrate a noble profession and use sophistry and logical fallacies to cover up their wickedness, the profession becomes corrupt, rotten, and eventually FUBAR.


Canadian journalism is the best example of that rot that turned them into propaganda tools. The CBC doesn’t get it. They are speculating about Trump’s government shut down and how it could backfire. They do not understand military strategy, and hence, don’t see the big picture.

When I wrote OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s war on journalism, I studied The O’Reilly Factor very carefully. I drew maps all over the place. I read every single transcript of the program from the first to the very last one before I could no longer update my book. I broke down his methods and strategies and treated them like military operation plans.


For good measure, I used my Britain’s toy soldiers to recreate five of his most effective gambits, with each soldier representing his arguments.

There was no wonder why he held full control for almost every debate save for one, which I wrote about at length that pretty much came off like this:

But Trump has a natural instinct that surpasses O’Reilly. You cannot interview a couple of “experts” and think you have figured him out.

Because journalists are so isolated from the world, that they have no idea who they are covering. They live in a psychic bubble and have less and less connect with the public.


No おもいやり.

おもいやり requires you to give, not to take.

It requires you to have respect for the past, nurture the present, and be a guardian for the future.

That’s not journalism.

Not anymore.

おもいやり guides me. I feel おもいやり and am grateful that I do.

I see things from the heart. I have emotions that give me as much information as my mind. It gives me the courage to face reality in order to find the truth.

Journalism could have been reinvented and stronger than ever. Instead of seeing problems as puzzles to solve, they decided they were going to brainwash 7.4 billion people and trick them into giving up their free will and liberties. Enough already.

Deal with your own rot first. Write exposés about the wickedness of your own profession. Once you see how far you have sunk, then you’ll understand how you got there and why people walked away from you.

Instead of scaring people, you should be making them brave.

That’s おもいやり.

That’s what is at heart of everything I do in my life, including a little resurrected site called…


The Chaser Solution: Chapter Twelve: Months in a year, hours on a clock, it all comes up to a dozen. We mark time, but never make the most of it.


51 copy.JPG




52 copy.JPG


Petty shits.

Who was worse this week?

The New York Times for publishing family gossip that was unsubstantiated, or NBC for not correcting the record when they knew they were wrong?

Even the Washington Post is cautioning them to be careful of not spreading fake news.

Should anyone care about the Times’ story? I don’t recall too many modern presidents being soldiers or enlisting. They still got voted in. Canadian universities still have those Left-wing American draft dodgers as professors, and no one is getting upset about that.

The same people who were marching in anti-war protests are bitching about someone who didn’t fight a war? You assholes didn’t, either; so just shut the fuck up.

The middle class don’t care about much.

Not even if the news has no connect to reality.

Take CBC here in Canada. They puke bullshit how the Canadian economy was “resilient” in 2018, but for whom? We had a lot of stores closing. We had factories closing.

We have a homeless crisis, and in traditionally middle class safe havens such as the Golden Horseshoe. Real estate is rapidly cooling off, and household debt is at very bad levels. We have an opioid crisis, and that’s not a sign of prosperity.

Yet like a dubbed foreign film, the voice over doesn’t ever match up with the moving lips.


So what’s going on?

On the one hand, it is a confirmation bias: choose a self-serving narrative, and look for evidence that supports your narrative as you ignore evidence that refutes it. In the US, the press is anti-Trump all the time. It is pure insanity because they had power to be kingmakers until the day they weren’t. They are mad at him for showing them the reality of their situation.

They should have been grateful.

They should have seen what happened and how to re-invent their profession. Instead, they veered into rank propaganda and haven’t stopped as their fortunes go further down.

They hate Trump. They also hate Facebook for the same reason. They hate “populism” — again, for the same reason. They got mad at poor people for expressing themselves, using social media to do it, and voting for the only candidate that spoke to them during the election.

Once upon a time, journalists wouldn’t be hating those people: they would be writing about them and speaking to them, but then they got full of themselves and got lost in narcissistic fantasy.

You used to inform these same people. You used to publish their letters to the editor. You used to get outraged when they got hurt in life, and the Establishment tried to screw them over.

What happened to those people? Where did you go wrong?

In Canada, the press betrayed the people, but in a different way: they lied to them, but are lulling them into thinking things are better than they actually are. They mimic Soviet-style propaganda where the news told citizens how great the economy was, and it was in the toilet. People laughed at the news because it was bullshit and they knew it.

They believed it for a while, until they imploded. Regions broke away, and the fragmentation spelled the end of that system of governance.

It happened to the Soviet Union. It happened to Yugoslavia.

Would it happen to Canada? It depends how badly things go. Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta would leave. Toronto would, too. The US would greatly benefit because they could gain access to natural resources easily and quietly. It is not as if Canada would be a match for the US, but why do it loudly, when you can do the same thing silently without fuss?

But Canada was always an impossible country: it is too big with too few people spread out too far apart.

What holds them together? Fairy tales.

The kicker is that if this country could face reality, it would leave other countries in the dust.


The US is in the same position. There is nothing wrong with their president. He is no worse than his predecessor. You cannot fault Donald Trump for seeing reality that you can win a presidency by stumping and going directly to the people in person — and by using Twitter. Kudos to him.

He exposed that the media has no teeth. They have been gumming at him for so long that you’d think they’d get tired of their own temper tantrum.

The press should have just stood back and saw their own arrogant and oblivious childishness.

I remember talking to one US reporter about Trump before November 2016. He thought Clinton would win it. I said no way. He was absolutely certain, citing polls. I said look at the polls for Brexit, and even for Toronto’s mayoralty race where Rob Ford handily won. He said it was an apples to oranges comparison. I said it was apples to apples.

Trump won.

I could see what Trump saw: a dead media. The model was no longer aligned with reality. If the strongest of the media — the US — couldn’t do it, then neither could anyone else. People can get offended all they want, but no other country had the journalistic muscle saved for the UK. They are having the same problems, and there is no relief in sight.

And what you have is a hamster wheel that marks nothing.

What you don’t have is news anymore. North, East, West, South.

No one minding the times. No one minding the place.

For example, child exploitation is a serious problem in Canada. So is human trafficking. We have a serious problem with First Nations women vanishing and being murdered. Lots of child pornography and prostitution going on here.

And the laws here are a joke.

With a press that aids and abets these people.

And in the US, the hate on Trump is so out of control that the US will pay for it for decades to come because no one is paying attention at the things that are actually important.

How many people can live well? How many people die needlessly?

What are the dangers?

That’s news.

It is not a fairytale. It is not campfire story.

It is a clock. It is a compass.

You know where you are right now and where things are going?

When you know, you are F.R.E.E.D.

What should you be going after?

That’s Chaser.

The strength isn’t in the One.

It is in the Infinite.


And, darlings, that is your message to ponder very carefully, courtesy of…